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Another interruption in duty and chore;
A call to task behind the gray door.
With ' Y ' cut to make,
and samples to take;

Feral minds grope blind for light,
avaricious constrictions in delusional flight;
know not honor, but numbing deceit,
with false gods laurels grandly replete.

There is a place,
in timeless space,
where the dead do reign -
held captive by ethereal chain.

Splendid verdant form awakes at dawn of day
with crowning gift offered gracefully on high,
to touch the promise of cresting suns ray...
A floral offering to fathomless sky.

You taunt my days and haunt my nights
with the feigned offer of innocence;
filling me with awe at the might of alluring need,
and the pleasure of teasing fingers rake,

Some thoughts held close, ever so near;
others quite distant, not nearly as dear;
Some locked forgotten, safely away,
to be treasured or feared, on some other day.

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Honest and loyal best friend/husband and parent... Born w/ caul (could converse and read eight months to four plus years w/ eidetic memory) ... Catholic school... unsettled wandering traveler... fine communal life in Minn... school... Clinical technologist/pathology (for two plus decades - multi-licensed but no longer active) ... married Janice Carter '78... children '79, '80, '83... school... current actively licensed R.N.(psych) : semi-retired d/t illness (it happens) . Likes: The joy of friendship, naturalism, nature walks, expressing empathy, reading (new lit, and a select number of 'top shelfers' that are in constant reread) , classically romantic writings and films, motorcycles, sport/target shooting, music (folk,60's acid rock, current progressive, etc) , collecting books and signed lithographs (varied) , meditation, sky diving (past active/current interest) , all matters medical, and a few other 'odds and ends'. Dislikes: TV, politicians, and computer science (with some obvious and/or necessary exceptions) . A favored quote: 'To thine own self be true...' W.S.)

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Reflections Of An Autopsy Undone

Another interruption in duty and chore;
A call to task behind the gray door.
With ' Y ' cut to make,
and samples to take;
Questions to expose - Avenues to explore.

Isolation of Ego, emotion to kill;
and icy detachment, stronger than Will;
Focused determination!
studied external examination...

Skin unmarred, odd warmth to feel;
contrasts the bite of cold stainless steel.
Sixteen years to find such beauty true,
fully half child, yet half woman too.

Though vessel unfilled, full is the need;
For custom and doctrine, by religion decreed -
before set of sun, by end of this day...
To surrender such fairness to earthen decay.

But why this torment, this angst, this awe?
And why in the ringing silence does a tear form to fall?
The answer forms fallow, so deep from within...
'My promise is lost, all innocence - all sin,
Loosed with last breath; Loosed to the wind.'

I cracked. I crumbled. I wept in helpless desperation!
Gloves snapped off at the thought of such desecration!
Rules melted and merged meaningless, sparing violation.
and the only 'Y' to be known was an unanswered invocation.

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Not a member No 4 08 July 2007

Walt Martin is one of the most authentically talented poets I have encountered on this site. He is a craftsman of the first order who takes the greatest pride in his work. My best guess is that it doesn't get posted until it's received the full treatment: the most exacting care over words, phrasing, metre, and rhyme forms of every description. The content is usually weighty and its treatment displays a fine balance between high intellect, and emotional depth and maturity. As of this comment he has posted only seven poems, but I suspect there is a considerable hinterland of work filed away somewhere, and hopefully some of it will be posted soon.

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