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About a rock,
not a pebble, not a stone,
but about a rock,
is it shale with dead crustations,

Would you share a piece of your bread,
to a person who has none,
would you give a bowl of rice,
when your belly is full,

Dwindling light from burning candles,
make the darkness appear only larger,
then the night is,
in this cold, hard life that I live,

One day the stone will hit the cross,
and the love you feel will be lost,
unbroken bonds entwined,
will be torn and tattered,

The winter chills my bones,
to the very depths of me,
I am all out of answers,
plagued by desperation,

Sometimes I worry quite deeply,
is all this back water thinking,
polluting our future,
so much so that there is no tomorrow,

The nightmares came back,
beaten once again,
by hands long since dead,
abused by a drunken loser,

Where was that place we were at,
do you know or have you forgotten too,
we do the same things all the time,
nothing new,

When I walk alone,
it is cold outside,
I do not know how,
to weather this storm,

I feel like a monkey,
on a key chain,
dangling in space,
waiting for you to call me near,

Time to turn back the clocks,
wishing I was twenty six,
and we where young again,
can't change time,

Tongues entwined tasting each others fruits off one's vine.
I think that is truly divine,
then slowly kiss away the night.
softly touching each other's skin,

I was walking kind of lethality,
some might think spirituality,
as I looked up into the sky,
I saw for the first time birds flight backwards,

When winter seems eternal,
always calls to me,
fall calls to me as well,
swinging big with church bells,

On my wife's fifty second birthday,
I am thankful that she is still here,
with me in this life,
we have see lots of hard times,

Going to soak my feet,
in lavender Epson salts,
once again,
then pretend,

Nothing on the telly,
not a good word in the news,
the spaceship to tomorrow,
could not find a crew,

Adoring eyes, puckered lips,
thoughts she has,
I give her little quips,
what goes on in a young women’s mind,

85747A long day to where,
with a fork in the road,
to a dusty trail I follow,
then to no mans land,

Large sausage lets,
go through the tunnel of love,
once again and again,
we will take that ride,

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I have been writing poems since I was thirteen years old. Mostly becuase I wanted to be a song writer.Done that did that. But living up on long Island can give you so much to write about.So I write.If you Like my poems let me know and so it goes.)

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About A Rock

About a rock,
not a pebble, not a stone,
but about a rock,
is it shale with dead crustations,
is it pumice made from lava plums,
is it sedimentary in it's formation,
or compressed sand from the oceans or seas,
these are question not just for you or me,
was it once a meteorite that came down from the heavens,
or was it once a stalactite or stalagmite,
from what I see, it is a stone,
all I know, that rock will out live me.

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