Walter C. Edwards Poems

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About A Rock

About a rock,
not a pebble, not a stone,
but about a rock,
is it shale with dead crustations,

A Piece Of Bread

Would you share a piece of your bread,
to a person who has none,
would you give a bowl of rice,
when your belly is full,

Dwindling Light

Dwindling light from burning candles,
make the darkness appear only larger,
then the night is,
in this cold, hard life that I live,

Dreames Now Undone

One day the stone will hit the cross,
and the love you feel will be lost,
unbroken bonds entwined,
will be torn and tattered,


The winter chills my bones,
to the very depths of me,
I am all out of answers,
plagued by desperation,

Stuck In Neutral

Sometimes I worry quite deeply,
is all this back water thinking,
polluting our future,
so much so that there is no tomorrow,

The Nightmares

The nightmares came back,
beaten once again,
by hands long since dead,
abused by a drunken loser,

Nothing New

Where was that place we were at,
do you know or have you forgotten too,
we do the same things all the time,
nothing new,

Brick Wall

When I walk alone,
it is cold outside,
I do not know how,
to weather this storm,

Key Chain

I feel like a monkey,
on a key chain,
dangling in space,
waiting for you to call me near,

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