Waltzing Mouse

Waltzing Mouse Poems

1. Hush 4/14/2007
2. The White Rose 4/15/2007
3. How Can You Love Me? 4/15/2007
4. Springtime 4/15/2007
5. A Touch Of Moonlight 4/15/2007
6. Its More Like Death Than Boredom To Me 4/16/2007
7. For Poppy 4/16/2007
8. Warhorse 4/16/2007
9. Hate 4/24/2007
10. Writers Cramp 4/24/2007
11. The Satin Gown 5/9/2007
12. I Hate You 5/12/2007
13. Don'T Sit On The Moam-Raths! 5/13/2007
14. The Gypsy Temptress 5/14/2007
15. A Dying Beauty 5/18/2007
16. Green Eyes 7/24/2007
17. The Fragments Of My Broken Heart 4/15/2007
18. How Much You Mean To Me 4/25/2007
19. What I See When I Look At The Sun And The Moon 5/2/2007
20. The Lionesses Last Word To The Pride 5/17/2007
21. Dusky And Broken Promises 5/22/2007
22. The Sun 4/18/2007
23. I'Ll Love You Forever 4/18/2007
24. Sky Horses 4/13/2007
25. Racing With The Wind 5/17/2007
26. Sexy Suicide 5/14/2007
27. End Of Autumn 4/13/2007

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Best Poem of Waltzing Mouse

End Of Autumn

Resplendent in a golden gown
Autumn sits on the hillside
She talks with the trees
And leaves a gold blush on their cheeks

Winter does not stir
It is not his time to rule
He lays silent, waiting for his chance
To appear, unexpected

Autumn’s radiance is slowly fading
Her satin gown becoming grey
Cold seizes her in icy hands
Leaving the delicate memory of dancing leaves

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Sky Horses

White horses
Dancing amidst the heavens
Leaping, swaying beyond the stars

They are silent in their night watch
Moving slowly, searching
For the moon

Suddenly, lightning strikes
They dissipate into the inky sky
And become a soundless band of bitter night

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