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When I look at you
I forget how to breathe
You are a fallen angel
I love the way you hold me tight

The white rose sits on her grassy throne
Her hands are gloved in leaves of green
Her face is as pale as the winter moon
She looks to the sun, lively and keen

A touch of moonlight
Whispering over my skin
Shimmering in the night

Resplendent in a golden gown
Autumn sits on the hillside
She talks with the trees
And leaves a gold blush on their cheeks

I lie on the grass
Staring up into a starless night
Into a characterless sky
Thinking of you

White horses
Dancing amidst the heavens
Leaping, swaying beyond the stars

Racing with the wind
Time flying on the breeze
Hair blowing in my face
Adrenaline screams

The sunrise is a golden orb
Light peeks through the clouds
In the first pale blush of morning
The sun is veiled in silver shrouds


It seeps into the bloodstream
Like sinister poison
It infects my mind

I hate writers cramp
I don't want to write
Don't want to think
And my imagination collapses in on itself

Diamonds of another kind
Sparkle in between the rays of the moon
The satin folds of my gown shimmer
Pearly in the light

Have you ever met someone
Who steals your friends
And turns them against you
So when you talk to them

Don't Sit on the Moam-Raths!
Scuttling colour on a blank canvas
Painting a world of words too confusing
I don't even understand it

She, the exotic beauty
Lay wrapped in crimson silk
And Smiles seductively
The sweet fragrance of her expensive perfume

She looked into a mirror
And behind her porcelain mask of pain
Is a beauty no one else sees
Her face, pale as damask

Green eyes, half innocent, half knowing
Swim under delicate lashes
She smiles guiltily, her mouth full of untold secrets
Her flawless creamy skin set off her emerald eyes

I need you
More than you know
I need to see your kind blue eyes
Stare back into mine


In the hush of the night
I listen at my bedroom window
I hear the soft trickle
Of water dancing over pebbles

Do you really love me?
Or did you say that to all the girls you slept with last week?
Do they satisfy you more than I do?
I'm sure they do,

Spring dances onthe hillside
like a playful wind
she walked hand in hand
with her winter lover

Waltzing Mouse Biography

she has always enjoyed creative writing froma young age and now, even though only 13, is beginning to write a book. Her poems 'come to her from seeing the most ordinary of things' and finds she cant write if shes written the title to the poem. She wants to write for a living, but being as cynical as she is, has decided that thats not going to earn her wenough money. so, shes going to be a corporate lawyer.)

The Best Poem Of Waltzing Mouse

I'Ll Love You Forever

When I look at you
I forget how to breathe
You are a fallen angel
I love the way you hold me tight
You kiss me and it feels just right

When I look at you
I am speechless
Your kindness astounds me
What’s so special about me? I think
You look at me and I blush pink

When I look at you
My heart skips a note
It flutters in my chest
I think of you every minute of the day
I love you more than words can say

When I look at you
I wonder to myself
How did I get a guy like you?
You ended up with a girl like me
There is no logic, that’s plain to see

And yet you go on loving
The plain old me for me
I love you now and forever
I’ll be there by your side
I’ll be the one in who you confide

Forever and forever.

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Steven Stofko 25 May 2019

Lovely lady with fine style and wit.

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