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she has always enjoyed creative writing froma young age and now, even though only 13, is beginning to write a book. Her poems 'come to her from seeing the most ordinary of things' and finds she cant write if shes written the title to the poem. She wants to write for a living, but being as cynical as she is, has decided that thats not going to earn her wenough money. so, shes going to be a corporate lawyer.

Waltzing Mouse Poems

I'Ll Love You Forever

When I look at you
I forget how to breathe
You are a fallen angel
I love the way you hold me tight

The White Rose

The white rose sits on her grassy throne
Her hands are gloved in leaves of green
Her face is as pale as the winter moon
She looks to the sun, lively and keen

A Touch Of Moonlight

A touch of moonlight
Whispering over my skin
Shimmering in the night

End Of Autumn

Resplendent in a golden gown
Autumn sits on the hillside
She talks with the trees
And leaves a gold blush on their cheeks

Sexy Suicide

I lie on the grass
Staring up into a starless night
Into a characterless sky
Thinking of you

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Steven Stofko 25 May 2019

Lovely lady with fine style and wit.

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