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This hate you have for your family,
Let it go.
Right or wrong, let it go.
And of course, you're right,

She likes the sadness,
Life has let her down,
Prefers to smiles
The furrows of a frown.

All the beauty I have known,
For me extant in palimpsest,
(Real, would weigh a trillion ton) ,
God carries on his breath.

All the beauty I have known,
(For me extant in palimpsest;
Real, would weigh a trillion ton) ,
God carries archived on His breath.

Revisions are what poetry is all about.
Double-digit revisions show you care.
I remember writing a poem about a man
Who lived in a weird area where

It's happening already.
Don't you feel it?
The subtle changes
In the evolutionary body

note: I am not in entire disagreement with
the paramhamsa u. only I think it can only apply
to the exceptional one in a billion who may be ready
for such an extreme action. It can in no way

Even chakra wheels run down
Set within the body;
The wheels remain immaculate,
The body becomes shoddy.

I said to him, when the visitors had gone:
'Master, why didn't you tell them what they wanted to know? '
'They didn't ask right, ' he said.
'They didn't ask the right questions? '

an old acquaintance of mine, on reading
some of what I've been writing nowadays,
remarked that clever commentaries are no
substitute for real art. I, of course, heartily agree.

Wet, Windy Night on the payment,
Lonesomeness with a will,
I walk the somber city streets,
Skirting the sides of a hill.

You think that love, though separate, can sing
Itself a special pleasure born of two,
Or mediate what's old to get what's new,
Or hear joy shout amid love's whispering;

The answer is not in the dark
Which you continue to investigate.
The answer is in the light.
This is because the constituents of problems


Mary had a little lamb
Whose fleece was soft as water,
Which was a naughty little lamb
To do what it hadn't oughter.

The lie is in the way we live,
The processed foods, the chemicals,
Each stupid pharmaceutical
That dumbs us down to suitable.

Boffo, Boffo, it's near the end,
Tend what you know you most should tend.
Take Life's baggage by the tail
And piece by piece discard it well.

Sense of beauty is religion's handmaiden.
Like religion it can be warped
All out of shape
Into phenomenal creations. But

The golden goose that gave gold eggs is gone.
Its last poor eggs were alloyed anyway.
It did not leave a trail to inspire one:
Giving to those who could not true assay.

The earth will not be free of hate and violence
And be filled with thoughts of good-willed tolerance
Until we've rid ourselves of the old religions,
And hold beliefs not edifice but stanchions.

- note: just a quickee poem of alert on what could be the major turning point in modern world political history. -

Alex Jones

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Believe in Buddha....... and his words: Be a light unto thyself.)

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Let It Go

This hate you have for your family,
Let it go.
Right or wrong, let it go.
And of course, you're right,
They're evil, depending on your
Definition of evil.
Holding them close
You can only see
One part after another.
Let it go, let it drift away.
Then, even should they still appear
Evil as all get-out
You'll see it clearer than ever,
For good or for bad.
And, most important of all,
The sight shall not
Be touching you.

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warner treuter 13 September 2009

I tink he's a hood From de old neighborhood.

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