Warsan Shire

Shire was born in 1988 in Kenya to Somali parents. She immigrated to the United Kingdom at the age of one. Shire has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. As of 2015, she primarily resides in London

In 2011, Shire released Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth, a poetry pamphlet published by flipped eye. Her full collection is to be released i ...
Popular Poems
no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark
you only run for the border
when you see the whole city running as well
What We Have
Our men do not belong to us. Even my own father, left one afternoon, is not mine. My brother is in prison, is not mine. My uncles, they go back home and they are shot in the head, are not mine. My cousins, stabbed in the street for being too—or not—enough, are not mine.
for Saaid Shire
The poem can start with him walking backwards into a room.
He takes off his jacket and sits down for the rest of his life;
that's how we bring Dad back.
Your daughter is ugly.
She knows loss intimately,
carries whole cities in her belly.
Conversations About Home (At The Deportation Centre)
Well, I think home spat me out, the blackouts and curfews like tongue against loose tooth. God, do you know how difficult it is, to talk about the day your own city dragged you by the hair, past the old prison, past the school gates, past the burning torsos erected on poles like flags? When I meet others like me I recognise the longing, the missing, the memory of ash on their faces. No one le


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Peggy Norris 16 July 2019
Home is a very moving poem. Trump should read it, but unfortunately, he doesn't read...
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Prabir Gayen 24 February 2019
Extraordinary talented poetess....God bless you.
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Kaweena 09 February 2019
One of the greatest poet... She is very skilled..
6 1 Reply
Alain 19 September 2018
Fabulous and really talentuous! ! !
5 4 Reply
Isabella 20 May 2018
Amazing. Terrible, and melancholy and awful and amazing...
10 0 Reply
Racia 10 May 2018
Such sympathetic choice of words. I appreciate Her work.
8 0 Reply
jaejae 04 February 2018
lover her work. she is very talented,
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