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Rating: 5

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Kente Lucy 20 September 2009

i like this poem it so warm, good diction thanks

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Kuji Soliman 15 October 2009

Your poems are not alot, But very sincere! Some poets can express all their thoughts abd feelings in two pages! ! you express them easily and simply and beautifully in small simple words.... I admire you! !

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Joseph Macquarrie 23 October 2009

ur poems r very awsome

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Chanelle Fields 30 October 2009

i really luv iall of your poems i just cant choose one i like the most. u have a beautiful talent.

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Benjamin Majola 02 January 2013

Cozy I lyk ur poem dud kip it up! ! ! ! ! !

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Darrin Mcmiller Jr. 14 June 2010

Your a good young poet, I look forward to reading more of your poems. What I like most is the thoughts that your poems give me; they really start important conversations that we as people the world over need to address. Already I can see wisdom in your work and power in your writting. Keep up the great work.

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Ravi Upadhye 01 January 2010

I loved your What will I do without you? Expression of feeling of separation is really touching, Keep it up

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Nada Hassib 07 November 2009

i adore it <3 really it is an amazing simple but had many true meanings

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Kimberly Fine 01 November 2009

your poems are very honest and sweet! i really enjoyed! !

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The Best Poem Of Wassila Nader

A Lonely Star

A lonely star in the sky,
Is looking for a friend,
It wants to die,
Cause no one intend.

But if it found a friend,
Will he care,
Or no occur.

Poor lonely star,
Let the moon be your friend,
And don't care about the end.
Cause the moon is also lonely friend...

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Wassila Nader Popularity

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