Francis Duggan Wedding Poems

Memories Of Connie Tarrant's Wedding

If there's a hell then I am doomed and for hell I am heading
For I drove my car when I was drunk from Connie Tarrant's wedding,
I drove my car when I was drunk and lived to tell the story
Though I don't find no pride in that and that won't bring me glory.

On The British Royal Wedding

For any poor person what's to celebrate
Of the British Royal wedding of William and Kate
Just royal propaganda that and nothing more
Such stuff i have heard of and seen far too often before.

On Michael And Margaret Dineen's Golden Jubilee Wedding

I see a photo of them on their golden jubilee on the Millstreet Web Site
A couple that I visually did know
On sundays they used to attend eleven o clock mass in Millstreet
When I was younger many years ago.

On An Old Wedding Photograph

That old black and white photograph bring back memories 'twas taken almost forty years ago
A wedding group all bright and happy faces and many of those people I did know
The baby in the group now close to forty on looking back those years just seemed to fly
'Twas taken when wildflowers bloomed in the meadows if not in May or June then in July.

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