Wendee Isaacs

Wendee Isaacs Poems

1. I Love You 10/27/2011
2. Whenever 10/27/2011
3. The One I Love 10/27/2011
4. Without You 10/29/2011
5. If I Could 11/10/2011
6. The Windy-Bird Sings 11/10/2011
7. Live Your Life 11/10/2011
8. ...When You Start Missing Me 10/27/2011
9. Dream Love 10/27/2011
10. Someone Like You 1/27/2012
11. The Wounded Heart 1/27/2012
12. Let Me Be Your Friend 11/10/2011
13. Head Over Heels 10/27/2011
14. This Is My Paradise 10/27/2011
15. In Love With A Stranger 10/27/2011
16. I'M Obsessed With You 10/27/2011
17. My Mother....My Best Friend 10/27/2011
Best Poem of Wendee Isaacs

My Mother....My Best Friend

</></>She’s been with me throughout my life
Being with me as I grow
Scolds me when I’m wrong
Finds me when I get lost
Holds me when I’m weary
Comforts me when I’m sad
Gives me a shoulder when a cry

She’s been with me in my darkest hour
Always being there to give a hug in my deepest despair
Shared my joys and my sorrows
When pain and sickness made me cry
She gazed upon my heavy eyes
And wept for fear that I might die
She feels my pain like she’s the one going through that

She’s my teacher
She taught me how to pray
She’s my ...

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I'M Obsessed With You

</></>Why do I always find myself thinking of you?
From dawn through the day to dusk
The sleepless nights are my best
I twist and turn through lonely nights
Tormented soul tortured inside
But you don’t even know something that is true
That right now I am cursed with the desire of u

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