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Wendy Cope (born 21 July 1945) is a contemporary English poet. She read history at St Hilda's College, Oxford. She now lives in Ely with the poet Lachlan Mackinnon.

Cope was born in Erith in Kent (now in London), and educated at Farrington's School, Chislehurst in Kent (now also in London). Following her graduation from St Hilda's College, Cope spent fifteen years as a primary-school teacher. In 1981, she became Arts and Reviews editor for the Inner London Education Authority magazine, Contact. Five years later she became a freelance writer and was a television critic for The Spectator magazine until 1990.

Four collections of her adult poetry have been published, Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis in 1986, Serious Concerns in 1992, If I Don't Know in 2001, and Family Values in 2011. She ...

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Rac Lee 06 November 2015

She's a marvelous poet, I wish more of her work was on here. I love the one with the orange.

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Helen Miller-Shapiro 29 September 2018

I sent Valentine to my boyfriend he then asked me to marry him. I told him the poem as part of our wedding ceremony. Wendy Cope tells you how it is and laugh, laugh, and laugh again while reading her work. She has brightened my life. Thank you Wendy

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Jakey Anderson 18 July 2018

My favourite here is Valentine, but Summer Villanelle from 'From May to December' is another favourite. I wish I had written them!

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Mencio Vidal 26 April 2017

Wendy's one of a rare breed. Poet, capital P.

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Mike Hunt 01 December 2016

I understand using simplistic language for effect, but this is utter garbage. It's just words put together with very weak rhyme. Glorification of trash at its finest!

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Andrew Farrell 23 February 2022

Pretty true the poem Valentine sounds like she copied the Christmas song Last Christmas I gave You My Heart

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Sasha 16 September 2021

poetry isn't supposed to rhyme.

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Rac Lee 06 November 2015

I wish there were more of her poems on here. She's wonderful.

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The Best Poem Of Wendy Cope

Sporty People

I took her for my kind of person
And it was something of a shock
When my new friend revealed
That, once upon a time,
She was a Junior County Tennis Champion.

How could that happen?
How could I accidentally
Make friends with a tennis champion?
How could a tennis champion

Make friends with me?

She wasn't stupid. She read books.
She had never been mean to me
For being bad at games.
I decided to forgive
Her unfortunate past.

Sporty people can be OK -
Of course they can.
Later on, I met poets
Who played football. It's still hard
To get my head round that.

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Wendy Cope Popularity

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