Wes Thompson

Rookie (Columbus, Ohio)

Wes Thompson Poems

1. To Mine, And Ours 2/15/2007
2. Humbled Disposition Of A Shattered Self-Reflection 3/17/2007
3. Acceptability Is The Most Polite Hypocracy 3/31/2007
4. Love Is Not Blind; It Is As Red As A Thousand Rose Petals Massaged Into Oblivion In My Blender 3/31/2007
5. My Pocket Was Her Undoing- On A Lovely Sunny Day 4/2/2007
6. I Stopped Writing And You Said Goodbye 4/10/2007
7. Apart We See The Sun Still Rises 4/24/2007
8. I Am Not Infinite, But Surely, I Am Forgiven 4/24/2007
9. Growing Faith In The Lack Of An Early Death 4/24/2007
10. In Regards To A Very Appreciative Moth I Happened To Save From Drowning 4/24/2007
11. I'M Here 6/22/2007
12. Golden Leaves On The Tail Of A Snake 6/28/2007
13. Midnight Oil, Turkish Tobacco, And Jasmine Incense 7/18/2007
14. Maybe I Came Here To Die 7/21/2007
15. Better Off Than This 8/12/2007
16. You Would Have Wasted It Anyway 8/13/2007
17. You Wouldn'T Want It Any Other Way 8/14/2007
18. I'Ll Be Staying Down This Time 8/17/2007
19. We'Re Floating Endlessly 8/24/2007
20. Slow Motion Moves Me 8/24/2007
21. All The Flowers That I Planted Died On The Little Concave In The Back Yard Which Holds Your Bones, But I Still Love You 8/24/2007
22. Why Should You Want Any Other? 9/3/2007
23. In Regards To Red Stationary, And It's Lack Of Use In The Field Of Rebuilding Fortresses 9/6/2007
24. Separate Snakes 9/17/2007
25. Swan Song Singing, Fond Of Fainting 10/11/2007
26. Tell Tales 11/4/2007
27. You Remind Me Of.. 11/7/2007
28. Homunculus Dreams 11/15/2007
29. Forever To Me 11/26/2007
30. I Can Dream 11/27/2007
31. On 11/27/2007
32. Pitch White 12/2/2007
33. I'M Leaving But I Don'T Know How To Sing 12/17/2007
34. Whistle Solo 1/2/2008
35. Yourself 1/2/2008
36. Soft 1/10/2008
37. Wait Out The Weather 1/22/2008
38. Grave Robbers 1/23/2008
39. Until Then I'Ll Be 1/28/2008
40. I'Ve Been Around Before, But This Time I Don'T Know What It's For 1/29/2008

Comments about Wes Thompson

  • Callie Carroll Callie Carroll (7/4/2008 12:25:00 AM)

    I am never disappointed when I read Wes Thompson. He gives fresh meaning to words I thought were cliche; he shows me poetic technique clothed in genuis. He wakes me up.

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  • Matt Johnston (4/17/2008 10:45:00 PM)

    Reading his stuff you can tell his mind works great for poetry.

Best Poem of Wes Thompson

A Hero Is One Who Falls Asleep With His Shoes On

When dusk dissolves the last shreds of light,
Do heroes lay awake at night?
Or do they dream, brilliant days to come-
With a winning smile, good deeds all done?
Perhaps defeat creeps with them to bed,
As a rusty nail in the back of their head.
Maybe all they wish at night,
Is for dawn to kill their dreamless fright.
Mayhap they do not wish at all,
As full moons unwind and fate befalls.
For surely all taste Fate's stale breath-
No might of man may outlast Death.
All men, no doubt, serve God's demand,
And are wrung like wet socks into Life's thirsty ...

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Dig Your Trenches

I watch a Robin take wing to sky
As snowflakes stick to my eyelashes
And I blink them out, as tears
To a passerby I'm sobbing
And maybe that is not untrue
It is getting colder every day

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