William Ellery Leonard Poems

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Indian Summer

(After completing a book for one now dead)

   (O Earth-and-Autumn of the Setting Sun,
   She is not by, to know my task is done.)

The Image Of Delight

HOW came I that loved stars, moon, and flame,
And unimaginable wind and sea,
All inner shrines and temples of the free,

To The Victor

Man's mind is larger than his brow of tears;
This hour is not my all of time; this place
My all of earth; nor this obscene disgrace


Blue are the twilight heavens above the hill,
A yellow half-moon's high within the blue,
And rosy May-night clouds are soft and still,


I know the sorrows of the last abyss:
I walked the cold black pools without a star;
I lay on rock of unseen flint and spar;
I heard the execrable serpent hiss;