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Get ready to bend your body in exercise to see your sweat and achievement to look at and explore more things to do

Let it rain but not in Spain when it gets heavy and heavier so the droplets can drop easy and when the clouds are dim all the way to the rim

Do not fear when you drop a tear
When you sleep do not creep
When you dream think of ice cream
When you are awake bake a cake

Don't be cruel my heart goes out to you
Don't be cruel this world as ruled
Don't be cruel
Don't be a fool

Doves fly birds lay in a nest
when you go west is best
when you wear a vest
Is this a test

Falling leaves falling trees
get on your knees and do not sneeze
or you'll get fleas

Keep your pride
when you ride
on a bus
with no foss

Look at the ocean breeze and the leaves under the trees
like the crispy and cloudy wind that scatters the sand and shells into the deep

Be nice be sweet and be kind so get on your feet
and have a treat than take a seat with a heartbeat

The clouds get dim
The rain moves in
The sky gets cloudy
Don't be rowdy

God is powerful
you should be faithful


See the ocean
See the bay
See the seashells
Are you going my way

Rain comes down like a clown
in downtown in puddles of water waves
that demonstrates the water fall in crowded
fixtures of bricks and water logged in grass

Freedom rings
Freedom calls
We allow dogs play with balls
We put up walls

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i am a member of the library of poetry i have poetry on hellopoetry.com allpoetry.com powerpoetry.org poetrysoup.com)

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Went To The Doctor's Today

Went to the doctor's today there is a delay and my birthday is in May
can i have your pay anyway what is on your mind my friends are hard to find

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William Herzog 04 September 2020

i am a member of the library of poetry i met Micky Rooney before he died he was at a poetry convention in Washington DC at Washington Hilton i need assistance because i do not drive

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William Herzog 16 July 2020

Have faith have courage have spirit have self wealth have self esteem to see like my poetry, So be kind so you can find peace on your mind

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William Herzog 14 July 2020

Love is sweet love is neat with a heartbeat on you feet then take your seat with a treat Love is bright love is going out tonight Holidays are festive like you holidays are being with you

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William Herzog 14 July 2020

Be sweet and neat with a heartbeat with a treat then take a seat

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Be nice to me drive me love me work with me watch television with me

bite me lick me hug me be with me hang out with me message me i am on facebook.com

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William Herzog Popularity

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