William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr.

William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr. Poems

1. The Heart Never Forgets 7/22/2007
2. Tenderness 7/22/2007
3. Reunion '66 7/23/2007
4. Love Is Selfish 7/23/2007
5. Love Devine 7/23/2007
6. My Ideal Someone 7/23/2007
7. All That I Can Say 8/14/2007
8. Time 8/21/2007
9. Hate 8/24/2007
10. Déjà Vu 8/29/2007
11. Mystery Of Love 8/30/2007
12. Writing 8/31/2007
13. The Wordsmith 11/1/2007
14. Destiny 11/5/2007
15. Karma 12/7/2007
16. I Served! 7/23/2007
17. Existential Memory 7/23/2007
18. An Emotional Black Hole 7/23/2007
19. Despair 8/11/2007
20. My Psalm For You, My Love 8/14/2007
21. Motherhood 2/17/2008
22. Never So Far 4/20/2008
23. Honor 5/20/2008
24. Self 5/20/2008
25. What Is Love 5/27/2008
26. Big Bang! .... Big Collapse! 5/27/2008
27. Courtesy Vs Meaness 11/1/2007
28. A Friend 1/9/2008
29. If I Knew What I Didn'T Know! 7/23/2007
30. Compassion 5/21/2011
31. Life's Pace 5/27/2008
32. The Green Flash 7/23/2007
33. Poet Within 7/23/2007
34. My Cup Overflows 8/14/2007
35. Heartache From Heartbreak 7/23/2007
36. Fate Vs Destiny 7/23/2007

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Best Poem of William J. (Skip) Henderson Jr.

Heartache From Heartbreak

Heartache from heartbreak will sober your soul.
Burns through my conscience like smoldering coals
Slow and constant, little joy to be had
I cannot deal with the good or the bad.

Reflections on memories get frozen in time,
Emptiness and pain rule the reason and rhyme.
It’ll humble your spirit and weigh on your heart.
Making me wonder why we ever did part.

The heartache from heartbreak will temper your soul
No passion or beauty, it is so hard to see
What really went wrong between you and me?

Help me stop blaming myself for mistakes that we ...

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The Green Flash

Every day when the sun passes by
The edge of the earth or ocean and sky.
Once on each horizon can be seen once a day
When there are no clouds to get in the way.
The sky must be clear through no haze will it show
It’s made by the sky through its prismatic glow.
It happens so quickly a blink blocks its sight
That you must be looking when created by light.

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