William Jackson

Rookie (San Antonio, Texas)

William Jackson Poems

41. Spanning The Unfathomable Gulf 2/12/2006
42. Just As Long As It Was You 2/15/2006
43. F8 And Be There. 12/20/2007
44. Strawberry Blond 1/1/2008
45. Perhaps The God That We'Ve Created Is A False God. 3/13/2006
46. For The Heart Is All! 5/13/2006
47. The Sea 4/24/2006
48. I Wept For The Loss Of You My Love 5/7/2006
49. On Dragon's Wings 8/16/2011
50. I Should Be Working 2/13/2006
51. Still Not Knowing Quite What To Think Of You. 8/31/2006
52. She Has An Independent Mind. 4/27/2007
53. 2050 1/2/2008
54. Life Finds A Way. 7/23/2006
55. Spontaneous Combustion 4/23/2006
56. Just The Thought Of You 2/12/2006
57. I Find It Difficult To Not Drink In All That Is You. 5/8/2008
58. Flying Too Close To The Sun 9/9/2007
59. Into The Night 4/20/2006
60. I'D Pull Down Heaven And Wrap You In The Milky Way 6/27/2006
61. It Is Not The Words I Say... 2/5/2006
62. Jesus Was Black With Blue Eyes And Blond Hair. 6/27/2006
63. Sweet And Tart, A Delicious Lime 6/29/2007
64. You Are An Elixir 2/7/2006
65. If God Is Now Officially Dead 2/10/2006
66. My Lover's Eyes 1/31/2006
67. I Can Never Get Enough Of You! 6/22/2006
68. I Love Life! 2/15/2006
69. Moonflower 2/7/2006
70. If Only Time Allowed 2/5/2006
71. When Dawn Spread Out Her Fingertips Of Rose 3/21/2006
72. At Times I Think I Am Dorian Gray. 7/15/2006
73. This Life Mysterious 8/31/2006
74. Feel Something! 4/27/2007
75. At The End Of It All, What Will Remain? 4/30/2006
76. And The World Whirled On. 9/5/2006
77. A Sublime Moment 5/5/2007
78. I Should Like To Admire You 2/6/2006
79. A Word For The Wise. 9/21/2006
80. Sun And Moon 4/8/2006

Comments about William Jackson

  • Martha Shaw (5/6/2018 12:59:00 PM)

    Thank you for the excellent reads.

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  • fleur de lys (5/4/2010 12:28:00 AM)

    William I am unable to comment under your poems so I will say this about the piece entitled 'Sometimes I think I am Dorian Gray'...

    Elegant, memorable and satisfying to read. I love the way you have assumed the voice of the narcissist in such an involving, convincing way that draws the reader in.

  • Maricel Suarez (7/5/2007 9:24:00 AM)

    i like your thought..yes, you are right.. god never let evil to destroy us..we people, let evil to do so.

  • Rose Noir (8/19/2006 6:12:00 PM)

    You have such a awesome flair for writing William. Your poetry is beautiful.

  • Robert L Bixler III (3/13/2006 6:26:00 PM)

    William, you have some amazing poems... I love your use of allusions and metaphors. Great stuff! !

Best Poem of William Jackson

A Bad Poem For The Ages

I thought I’d write a bad poem, one for the ages, signifying nothing.
Pavement suffocates the living earth just as bad poetry fills volumes.
Still, oblivious to the land’s rape, the masses enjoy sentimental blathering,
And all is well since professional wrestling rules even sports columns.

It matters little that only a select few appreciate the immortality of verse,
Or that God's world festers in the aftermath of inhumanity's touch.
Bread and circuses even now in this age soothe ignorance's curse.
To hope men feel soft earth, the wind, and grass is to expect too ...

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I Should Be Working

i should be working.
i have:
essays to grade,
lesson plans to write,
and a basketball goal
in pieces on the driveway
that I should have assembled
a week ago.
i should be working!
instead i am reading
other people's poetry,
thinking of oranges
and of you in my bed.

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