William Jackson Poems

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A Bad Poem For The Ages

I thought I’d write a bad poem, one for the ages, signifying nothing.
Pavement suffocates the living earth just as bad poetry fills volumes.
Still, oblivious to the land’s rape, the masses enjoy sentimental blathering,
And all is well since professional wrestling rules even sports columns.

Sun And Moon

Sun and Moon
Wishful lovers
Never touch
Languish in silence

A Word For The Wise.

Do your best.
Organize your thoughts.

Never give up.

I Should Like To Admire You

i should like
to carefreely lie
on my back,
all the while

And The World Whirled On.

My Love never languished.
She was a visual feast, another Helen,
and we loved with an incandescent love
so that even the gods wept and wished to be mortal.

A Sublime Moment

A green sprout,
A single blade of grass,
A pharaoh ant wiggling its golden antennae,
Thousands upon thousands of leaves rustling with the wind,

At The End Of It All, What Will Remain?

At the end of it all, what will remain?
The garden will return to dry fallow ground,
and the brilliant scarlets and violets of the coral beans
I so thoughtfully planted near the downspouts

This Life Mysterious

This life fragile all too easily shatters.
Three tragedies I will never understand,
Crushing beauty, flowering hate, loss of innocence.

Feel Something!

What do you mean
you do not feel?

I feel everything!

At Times I Think I Am Dorian Gray.

At times I think I am Dorian Gray.
Moreover, I know my inner self all too well.
However, I have no portrait to hide away,
And the truth of my life my face will tell.