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A Bad Poem For The Ages

I thought I’d write a bad poem, one for the ages, signifying nothing.
Pavement suffocates the living earth just as bad poetry fills volumes.
Still, oblivious to the land’s rape, the masses enjoy sentimental blathering,
And all is well since professional wrestling rules even sports columns.

Sun And Moon

Sun and Moon
Wishful lovers
Never touch
Languish in silence

A Word For The Wise.

Do your best.
Organize your thoughts.

Never give up.

I Should Like To Admire You

i should like
to carefreely lie
on my back,
all the while

And The World Whirled On.

My Love never languished.
She was a visual feast, another Helen,
and we loved with an incandescent love
so that even the gods wept and wished to be mortal.

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Martha Shaw 06 May 2018

Thank you for the excellent reads.

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fleur de lys 04 May 2010

William I am unable to comment under your poems so I will say this about the piece entitled 'Sometimes I think I am Dorian Gray'... Elegant, memorable and satisfying to read. I love the way you have assumed the voice of the narcissist in such an involving, convincing way that draws the reader in.

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Maricel Suarez 05 July 2007

i like your thought..yes, you are right.. god never let evil to destroy us..we people, let evil to do so.

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Rose Noir 19 August 2006

You have such a awesome flair for writing William. Your poetry is beautiful.

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Robert L Bixler III 13 March 2006

William, you have some amazing poems... I love your use of allusions and metaphors. Great stuff! !

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There is not much to say about me really. The nagging question I ask myself after attempting to write a poem is this: Is what I have written any good? (Is it even poetry?)

Much of what I have written probably is not good and is not even poetry, but I write anyway. Does it matter? Sometimes I think it does, and other times I wonder if ...

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