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I thought that I was here before
And may have passed this way
It all looks so familiar
The returning of a day

On a distant shore
She stands alone
Her arms outstretched
I walk her home

The joy of love over takes me
It bends reshapes to make me
It warms me from the inside out
It creates a certain look upon my face

Each morning is a blessing
A sunrise that we’ve earned
Another day to live again
Another lesson learned

You know I will always love you
Far beyond eternity
Much longer then forever
For you meant so much to me

Listen to the voice of a child
You will hear the wisdom of the ages
A book ready to be written
Filled with many unwritten pages

Good morning sunshine
Sweet loving light
Held in the darkness
Throughout the night

If I could see the world in a different way
Here's what i would do
I would cast away my flesh and bones
for energy pure and true

There’s a light that burns within you
that illuminates your soul
They say its always been there
Steady bright and in control

Look into these eyes of love
Tell me gently what you see
Does your vision take you there
All I see is you and me

When the world ‘s a little darker
And I am searching for some light
When I take my self from darker blue
To a color warm and bright


Soft rain falling on a drought filled brow
Earth rejoices here and now
Nourished by the slow downpour
Rising up on each lake shore

Her words were soft like a summer breeze
Her thoughts as gentle as the wind
Printed or spoken to put the mind at ease
Emoting deep feelings from within

Do you really know me
The person I can be
Can you see through these eyes
If you could, what would you see?

Love me like a memory
Never let me go
Hold me close forever
Let those feelings flow

Say hello to the dawn’s arrival
Open your eyes to a brand new day
Lift your head to feel the sun’s blessing
The morning light will show you the way

Majestic dreamer fluttering gracefully above each open petal
Fiery orange and black as you pass through a bright autumn sky
Briefly visiting on your way to destinations unknown
Restless wanderer, turning nighttime into day traveling to places

Lift this heart
Bill Lindenmuth

You raise my spirit with a smile

I am holding on tight to a miracle

Cradled in your arms
Held close to your heart
This dance will never end
Once you let it start

William Lindenmuth Biography

I am blessed to work with Angels, The kids i work with are my greatest mentors. They may not be able to speak in words as we do but they have shown me a variety of ways of expressing themselves. My experiances working with these kids have humbled me and shown me how to appreciate life's Simplest gifts, these things are what most take for granted until faced with serious life situation. Poetry allows an outlet for us to express from within feelings or thoughts we have nurtured and bring them to life in a printed modality.)

The Best Poem Of William Lindenmuth

A Life Revisited

I thought that I was here before
And may have passed this way
It all looks so familiar
The returning of a day
Like a moment of forever
Frozen here in time
Another life revisited
But is it really mine?
I feel as if I have been here
I have visited for sure
The familiar air about me
Like the tide returning to shore
Could it be me I am here to find
On this journey alone
To seek a space familiar
A place one might call home
Perhaps I should take a ride
To find what lives within
For there will never be an ending
Till I know where to begin
It seems I have walked this road
In another space in time
The evening light will illuminate
This life forever mine
I am dancing with remembrances
Walking with a memory
Is this another person
Disguised so well as me?
This song it sounds familiar
A sweet haunting melody
I stand in a place revisited
But is it really me? ? ?

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James Ronan 27 April 2009

You, my friend, are a carpenter of words. Building fine poetry as well as anyone who appreciates the written English language. Thanks for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. Jimmer

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William Lindenmuth Popularity

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