William Ndoyisile Somenze

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William Ndoyisile Somenze Poems

1. The World We Live In 2/25/2012
2. You Are The Love In Me 2/25/2012
3. Am I Speaking Mute? 2/25/2012
4. I Am Broken 2/25/2012
5. I'Ll Be Myself Again 2/25/2012
6. Of All The Things 2/25/2012
7. I Am Twenty One 3/2/2012
8. Feeling 3/3/2012
9. The Mist In His Eyes 3/17/2012
10. Dear Beautiful Girl 7/28/2012
11. I Want To Write You A Letter- 7/28/2012
12. May The 5th 7/28/2012
13. Whose Praise Do We Give? 7/28/2012
14. Her Life Bitten The Dust 7/28/2012
15. Like You Were My First Love 7/28/2012
16. Fell Inlove 7/28/2012
17. Even After All She Completes Me 7/28/2012
18. If I Was Content With Feelings 10/15/2013
19. Demotivated Writer 11/11/2013
20. Misery Of Aging 11/11/2013
21. Poetry Is The Art Of Love But Not Love Alone 11/11/2013
22. Music Is Her 11/13/2013
23. What Am I Doing? 1/28/2012
24. The Poet On Stage 1/29/2012
25. The Room 2/25/2012
26. I Wish I Never Did 2/25/2012
27. Pregnancy Terminated 2/25/2012
28. Broken And Breaking 11/28/2013
29. Choices 12/20/2013
30. Questioning Our Existence 1/3/2014
31. Unrequited Love 1/24/2014
32. Its Not That I Didn'T Care Its What I Didn'T Know 1/26/2014
33. Dear Nthabeleng 6/27/2015
34. Touch 2/25/2012
35. I Am A Writer 11/13/2013
36. Being Black Hurts 11/26/2013
37. Good Riddance Old Year 1/7/2012

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Good Riddance Old Year

You`ve rised before my blinded eyes, blinded eyes with tears i`ve cried, tears that have been trickling down my face for long, i thought you`d be better, you`d be the napkin to wipe away tears i`ve shed with past years, thought you`d make me glitter, but in vain, you`ve made everything i did worse, made me feel so wrong, like i am living from the back of a hearse, you were a ruinious year,

why did you abhor me this much? I`ve fronted words before you solicitating elation for the distinct days that you carry & are yet to deliver, that they may be the birth of my jubilant mirth here on ...

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The Poet On Stage

He stepped on stage, whistle & ululations bid him welcome, after a while
then he was encompassed by inexpressible silence, great anticipations from the audience,
words embarked to mold up from the palm of his mind, with a mic in his hand, they mounted up his tongue, as he prepare to begin his monologue with a lucid prologue:

Listen as i open, open the the muddy sac emanating dust to rise, borrow me your ears, & listen to the sweet noise in my voice, make no din, for this that i am about t

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