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The Quiet

Ayont the Caller Fountain
Whan gowks were in the schaw,
We gether'd the wild roses
That were sae white and sma';


End is in beginning;
And in beginning end:
Death is not loss, nor life winning;
But each and to each is friend.


They delv'd a saft hole
For Johnnie McNeel:
He aye had been droll
But folk likit him weel.

Black Day

A skelp frae his teacher
For a’ he cudna spell:
A skelp frae his mither
For cowpin owre the kale.

The Trysting Place

O luely, luely, cam she in
And luely she lay doun:
I kent her be her caller lips
And jer breists sae sma' and roun'.

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William Soutar was a Scottish poet, born 1898. He served in the navy in World War I, and afterwards studied at the University of Edinburgh, where he encountered the work of Hugh MacDiarmid. This led to a radical alteration in his work, and he became a leading poet of the Scottish Literary Renaissance and 'one of the greatest poets Scotland has prod ...

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