Willio Etienne

Willio Etienne Poems

1. Deep And Beyond 4/7/2015
2. Oxygen 4/7/2015
3. The Fire Burn Deep 4/7/2015
4. A Rose In My Garden 4/7/2015
5. Flower Of Eyes 4/7/2015
6. Young And Tender 4/7/2015
7. Pulper Rain Drop 4/7/2015
8. Body Of Love 4/7/2015
9. Heavy Dilemma 4/7/2015
10. The North Star 4/7/2015
11. The People 4/8/2015
12. In The Heat Of The Nite 4/8/2015
13. To Shy To Speak.. 4/8/2015
14. Vision To Victory 4/8/2015
15. Immortality 4/8/2015
16. Cosmic And War 4/8/2015
17. Cobra Eyes 4/8/2015
18. Virtous Woman 4/8/2015
19. Scandalous And Secretive 4/8/2015
20. Tug Of War 4/8/2015
21. Just Me 4/8/2015
22. Vindictive With A Vendetta 4/8/2015
23. Order In The Court 4/9/2015
24. The Chair 4/9/2015
25. Loving You All The Time. 4/10/2015
26. Picture Me Rolling 4/10/2015
27. Despire 4/10/2015
28. Me And My Brother King Solomon 4/10/2015
29. B.I.B.L.E 4/10/2015
30. Jig-Saw 4/10/2015
31. Go Alone 4/10/2015
32. The Picture 4/10/2015
33. Searching 4/10/2015
34. The Lion And The Beast 4/11/2015
35. All I Know 4/12/2015
36. Looking And Lurking 4/13/2015
37. Tunnle Vision 4/13/2015
38. Lean And Learn To Love 4/13/2015
39. Some Where Inside 4/13/2015
40. Rigid Observation 7/7/2015

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    Nice I like it

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Love Gave Hell A Run..

hell decided one day that he was going to rise hell against a couple whom he thought was to much in love, so he made plan to destroy the two couple dream of love; so he invite some of his bestfriend to bring his plan into pass; he called up hate and lie' he said to both of them; look here you see them couple over there they are in love and it driving me mad, i just cant stand that love sh**. I got to cause some trouble and rise hell up in here... And i need you guys to help me destroy this relationship' so hell said to hate watever happen to your home boy confussion we could use him to spice ...

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Find out, find a way, find the answer, find the truth, find yourselve, know yourselve who really are, find what right, find what truly make you happy, find a needy and give no worry or acceptance, find out what is life, not just your blessing, find the diamond in the ruff the one you can trust, find what everybody is not seaching reaching for, fin

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