Willio Etienne

Willio Etienne Poems

1. Stop 4/7/2015
2. Watcher 4/7/2015
3. Find 4/7/2015
4. William Shake Spree 4/7/2015
5. No Reason For A Reason 4/7/2015
6. My Heart Falling In Love 4/7/2015
7. Something To Make You Smile 4/7/2015
8. A Gentle Loving Touch 4/7/2015
9. In A Romantic Spend 4/7/2015
10. Music From Heaven 4/7/2015
11. Running Free To Think 4/7/2015
12. A Star Is Born 4/7/2015
13. Love Gave Hell A Run.. 4/7/2015
14. Deep And Beyond 4/7/2015
15. Oxygen 4/7/2015
16. The Fire Burn Deep 4/7/2015
17. A Rose In My Garden 4/7/2015
18. Flower Of Eyes 4/7/2015
19. Young And Tender 4/7/2015
20. Pulper Rain Drop 4/7/2015
21. Body Of Love 4/7/2015
22. Heavy Dilemma 4/7/2015
23. The North Star 4/7/2015
24. The People 4/8/2015
25. In The Heat Of The Nite 4/8/2015
26. To Shy To Speak.. 4/8/2015
27. Vision To Victory 4/8/2015
28. Immortality 4/8/2015
29. Cosmic And War 4/8/2015
30. Cobra Eyes 4/8/2015
31. Virtous Woman 4/8/2015
32. Scandalous And Secretive 4/8/2015
33. Tug Of War 4/8/2015
34. Just Me 4/8/2015
35. Vindictive With A Vendetta 4/8/2015
36. Order In The Court 4/9/2015
37. The Chair 4/9/2015
38. Loving You All The Time. 4/10/2015
39. Picture Me Rolling 4/10/2015
40. Despire 4/10/2015
Best Poem of Willio Etienne


When you think im sleep, but im wake with eyes to see, but when you im awake im really dreaming, my mind is wide far and deep, vision is broad globle status, the prayer of an infant to his King, my LORD you gave me life and showed me dreams, there was more to life then beautiful things, even doe i pray with an i hoping you would ignore me, the blessing was the ignore see, but the world fail to see the blessing is the answer no, the world dream of being with you but, there only hope was santa claws would give the truth...

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No Reason For A Reason

It must be a reason to see'' the i dont know the reason to see is why i see. Probably im deep and surfing the sea, Am I aware im reaching to see, not believing the dead and what else could be, I reach for the stars not a place for the sleep, im no longer dreaming I could see they all asleep. no one really care about a place for there feet. they all

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