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my name is willy shayudana, i am a lonely poet from indonesian, from a small town in a province north sumatera.

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Sajak Aas

I don't know how long you ran away Nesting hope for us, also a dream Lama. I heard the story scratched on the glass Wet whole face, let alone soul?

I can't even start changing! You also know the suffering goes gloomy, Women now make it hard in the chest-

Mouth frozen, not yet uttered 'disappointed' Dreams used to be here, it's been a long time I let it go! Just remember,

remember yourself Low times blew the lives of both of them. The wound changed color, I know now I'm split between the rudders!

We make sure- The drizzle at the end of the night changed Am I waiting? No more, For us. The ship stops here!


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