Willy Shayudana Poems

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Sajak Aas

I don't know how long you ran away Nesting hope for us, also a dream Lama. I heard the story scratched on the glass Wet whole face, let alone soul?

I can't even start changing! You also know the suffering goes gloomy, Women now make it hard in the chest-

Sorrow Maria

Not a true death stabbed in a trellis

Above burying one arrives

The Beach And Love

I met you that time Bright sun shining over the fisherman's head At the end of the beach, endless.

Do you remember? I'm sitting behind you These eyes don't blink As if to give news I ask;

From Far Away The Lost Distance

From the beginning a curved path

By the shaft is also the situation

Young Girl

She's a young girl

Sharpening the Moon above the naked eye

The Silence Illuminates The Night

They arrived between the hours of dawn
The wait follows the face of the road
Holding hands avoiding each other
Changing time against us too

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