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After all it’s the Silence,
before the heart
hears the story
of the glory

you will have to put down some of your weapons,  
change the way you eat cake, have some if you're against it 
remove the helmet justifying thinking, drop your shield,

We are mirrors
to existence, survivors
of ancient fires
and pleasure cruises

I ask no one to die for my freedom,
sons n daughters returning in coffins
for a line in the desert

I am the one that brings horses
To water
I do not make them

The heart waits for the story to be written,
by a quill dipped in fountains,
- in Ocean water

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The Silence

After all it’s the Silence,
before the heart
hears the story
of the glory
- of words.

Silence from depths of oceans
Silence between drips
of leaky sinks,
Silence deeper than sleep;
more profound than death.

After all it’s the Silence,
between words written;
after a period,
a comma;
Silence waiting for the next thought;
stopped by the question mark,
- silence answers,
what is right.

After all it’s the silence,
between lovers,
after everything’s been said and done,
and all the cute little words
tucked away to rest,
in beds.

The lovers now alone,
Mesmerized by
the light
of each other’s eyes.

Around them
a carousal of facial features,
and life’s past events.

Engulfed in the silence,
they are at peace,
with the never ending verse,
of the silent universe.

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