The Silence Poem by Wojciech D Kolesnik

The Silence

Rating: 4.8

After all it’s the Silence,
before the heart
hears the story
of the glory
- of words.

Silence from depths of oceans
Silence between drips
of leaky sinks,
Silence deeper than sleep;
more profound than death.

After all it’s the Silence,
between words written;
after a period,
a comma;
Silence waiting for the next thought;
stopped by the question mark,
- silence answers,
what is right.

After all it’s the silence,
between lovers,
after everything’s been said and done,
and all the cute little words
tucked away to rest,
in beds.

The lovers now alone,
Mesmerized by
the light
of each other’s eyes.

Around them
a carousal of facial features,
and life’s past events.

Engulfed in the silence,
they are at peace,
with the never ending verse,
of the silent universe.

Clarence Prince 02 November 2014

Very good! It pays to be silenced at times! Well done, Wojciech!

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Mantu Mahakul 01 November 2014

After all it is the silence that has power of winning. Excellent piece of work shared here. Beautiful.

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Chinedu Dike 01 October 2014

Companionable silence is golden indeed. Usually it more revealing than spoken words. A lovely poem written with insight. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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