Michael Shepherd Words Poems

! ! Impressionism In Paint, In Music, In Words

To know the impossible to be impossible
and yet to love the attempt;
to demonstrate that beauty is eternal, yet
seen only in that moment now,

! Words Of Consolation On A Wet Day In The Lake District

I dreamt I flew as ibis fly
o'er sand and palm and sunny Nile

! Words Mean - What They Do

We throw them to the winds;
like water from a shower;
what wind? what shower? and who throws them to whom?

0006 Weasel Words

It’s such fun spotting them –
this should be built into the syllabus
of every English class: to con the cons;
sharpens the mind, too –

Words Worth

! ! Nature's Rebuke; Or, What Are Words Worth?

Only recently, you asked me
for my ‘Laws’ – as if you asked the Sun
just where his golden rays shall, in the moment, strike…

! A Ring Of Bright Words Dancing

and that day
eighty words woke up, listened to each other,
smiled, joined hands,
danced in a ring

! How Brave This New World Shines! How Fine Its Words!

There were monkeys everywhere;
all with badges gently velcroed to their coats –
‘Supervisor’; ‘IT operative’; ‘Catering’;

! Poem Without Words For Mike

and after so long, a new poem from you
and when I said how glad I was

you messaged back

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