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Sweet recalling of best times,
Digging up all memories
Vivid remnants passing by
Kill the prejudice for real


…and you're spellbound by May's charms
Inhaling softness of the breeze
A butterfly upon your arm
Keeps the secret of the apple-trees.

Starlit Night

Сrystal drops of sacred tears
Are scattered over blackened sky
Sparkling dots in cold light years
Forewarning greet you ere night ride

For Thee, My Precious, I Do Dwell

For Thee, my precious, I do dwell
Thy heart is mine, eternally unclosed
Love's just like an old cold well
Sometimes like doorless course.


The mortal voice of nightly silence deafens me -
So far away from you, so far and near my love,
The fount of emotions deeply hidden inside
Bursts up within bleeding with undying memories…

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03 June 2016

When I was a young man, I had liberty, but I did not see it. I had time, but I did not know it. And I had love, but I did not feel it. Many decades would pass before I understood the meaning of all three...

10 June 2016

A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory.

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Eternally looking for inspiration deep inside myself and nature.

Please, feel free to comment on my poems, it is of high importance for me.


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