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When i was in a coma
My heart was full of wonder
With my mind i pondered
My friends have gone asunder

When most people are dead
Some, on the mat; some on the bed
Still breathing, and dreaming
Yet some keep soliloquizing


The green grasses are gone
The taverns were burnt
Happiness walked away
Holding joy along the trail

The day we expected shall come so soon
Of all our times, we shall always wait
we waited and waited and look into the moon
But nothing we found that made it delayed

Oh! Wonderful gift from our lord
The one we so much cherished, our beloved
Prophet muhammad, the best of mankind
Pious was he and he was so kind

My home is calling
And my heart; responding
The abode of pleasures and exhilaration
Where my mind prepares for some missions

Gone are those days
With beautiful moments;
with real entertainment
And with beautiful places

Life Is like A maze
You don't have to wait
You have to think; meditate
With that you'll find your way

Oh! What an expectation
Yearning for the things I'll always crave for
Sometimes my heart receives enough questions
Sometimes unwanted accusations

The determined ones
Those with much coins
Labored so far
Pledging their heart


The black race of nature ''oh Africa''
The home of agricultural endowment
Our lands are filled with fertility
And our waters, naturally blessed

I have millions and billions of question to ask.
But time wouldn't permit me, to fulfill the task.
But certain is it, i will ask from thee
why we humans are always amiss?

Have you seen his writer-ups
His dictions and his purgations?
He was a wonderful writer
A zealous knowledge seeker

Am going back to lag
Isn't that kind of sad
Leaving my precious mum alone
Venturing into norms at home

Looking continuously at the wall clock
Wishing it could stop
Looking up, down, right and left
Expecting the things that you shouldn't expect

All praise be to Allah, the Oft-Forgiver
The creator of all beings, the king of the hereafter
The forgiver of sins
The corrector of flaws and the creator of the streams

I have got a little advice for you
And if you heed to it, you'll never end in doom
But if you neglect it
You'll forever be punished

I begin my words in the name of Allah
The creator of all beings, heaven and sky
And I'm asking for His blessings upon my beloved
Prophet Muhammad, the friend of God

Here comes the great will
The instrument that comes with zeal
It brings power and fear is cleared
The sages with courage they are declared

It had been given to us
A wonderful mother as a gift from our lord
The most beautiful gift on earth
Don't treat her like dirt

Habeeb Kayode Yahaya Biography

I love art and i have lived over time to become one. I believe poetry is the cornerstone amd the Genesis of words. I keep writing to dive into the mystery and the reality of life.)

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A Wonderful Friend

When i was in a coma
My heart was full of wonder
With my mind i pondered
My friends have gone asunder
My foes appeared stronger
And my anguish grew wilder
I was dumbfounded
Stood still like a statue being molded
In deep pain, i cried
Screaming for help is all i tried
Suddenly emerged a wonderful friend
And helped
Oh what a wonderful dear!
A calm and benevolent friend
Having friends that really care
This is something you shouldn't fear
But a friend who doesn't care
Might be the one that will make you fear
Look before you leap
So as not to jump into the hand of a beast
Make a wiser choice
Not until you make a nasty noise
For most friends are not so real
The good ones are also few
Ignore the ones that will tempt you
Into stealing and fraud which you shouldn't do
Search! For a friend with moralistic behavior
In term of difficulty they'll be your savior
Show me your friend and I'll tell you who you are
A wonderful friend is what you should have.

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Yahaya Moshood Kolawole 08 November 2012

a wonderful and literarily oriented poet in the city of ilorin

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Yahaya Moshood Kolawole 08 November 2012

a wonderful poet in the city of ilorin

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Habeeb Kayode Yahaya Popularity

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