Yahaya Qasim Oluwapelumi

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Rating: 4

Yahaya Qasim Oluwapelumi Biography

Yahaya Qasim Oluwapelumi is a Nigerian poet, novelist and journalist. He graduated from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He has won many poetry awards of excellence and has got many of poems published on various sites. His Shakespearean style of writing is vast gaining recognition, that's why he is called the Archaic poet. He hails from the town of Iseyin, Oyo state, Nigeria.

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Habiba 20 June 2020

The language, style and mood are uniquely combined to give the works a kinda beauty that comes with poetry. Well done, and i can't wait to see more of them. Bravo! !

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The Best Poem Of Yahaya Qasim Oluwapelumi

The Rape Scar

You bereft me of my dignity
The day you stole my humanity
You plundered my maidenhead by rape
And scarred me in your rape camp

You violated me over and over
While you shoved my leftover
My corpse felt as numb as a doll
But the heartache clings to my skull

To you, it's a momentary pleasure
To me, it's anguish beyond measure
It's a delirium that makes me scream
And a flash that makes me steam

Everyday, I mutedly thrive in trauma
For the killing phobia of stigma
It's a tale of woe I could not tell
It cracks my soul, until I yell

Your apology only makes me sick
I must gather courage to speak
The pang is an indelible scar
Rapist! You shall die behind bars


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