Yahaya Qasim Oluwapelumi Poems

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The Rape Scar

You bereft me of my dignity
The day you stole my humanity
You plundered my maidenhead by rape
And scarred me in your rape camp

So What!

So what? Even if I gather all the cakes of life,
And I eat with golden plate, spoon and knife;
My ride on Unicorns wouldn't stop the clock,
Even if I share with non from my luck.

We Are Yoruba

We are proud to be from Africa,
We are a tribe called Yoruba;
With distinct cultural essence
And peaceful coexistence.

The Path Of Destiny

I am the maker of my destiny
Through the plot of my journey
To be who I am meant to be
And it's only I who posses the key

Saga Of Pain

Saga of pain lies in the act of the reaper
In making our heart sour and bitter
When a widow who mothers a single lad,
At night, shown her son buried in sand


Kindness hails from the
Sheer beneficence of our mind
Where in the contentment,
And happiness of mankind

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