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The breeze shook the leaves ,flapping each other
A string of fragrance, seeping into the chest
Close my eyes. Spit out the body's wordy language
The fragrance of the lungs, swimming through the body

Meet someone who likes to chew words
Sipping tea in the shade of a stream
Stack the characters together
With Yonghe Ninth Year of Kuaiji Shanyin bamboo forest similar






Those folding stories spread like clouds on a rainy day
Spin it around the tip of your finger, poke it and it goes away

The rainbow is like a bridge, from one end to my hometown






Many people call a river a function word, sparkling
Those falling love stories make the magpie bridge
A glass of wine, flowers, and dinner to save the marriage

In spring, leave the door ajar, squeeze in wind from crack
A flash of sunlight made the scholar to pry first awakening of love's a door

The peach blossom that is a brief encounter with spring

The daughter's first cry, father's heart softhearted
Rice, grain by grain, panned and soaked
The man uses a pair of thick hands to rub out the warmth of glutinous rice
Buried deep. Under the osmanthus fragrans trees

I did not hear nick name when the smoke rose from the kitchen chimneys
By the lake in a foreign land, willow embankment, the sun is setting

Bird song around the curling smoke, a wisp of rising

It opened again, in May
The fragrance of flowers wafted in with the shaking wind
The things we see and hear come into season Once again

At the Metropolitan Museum in a foreign land
Tang-ga and bumped into the past five hundred times look back
It's Made in China
Dazzling, shed tears, moved the heart

Yan Feng Biography

Feng Yan, Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry, English teacher & associate professor,2012-2013 visiting scholar of Western Oregon University; Poems, essays, novels and translated poems are published in Selection of Poetry Journal, Poetry Monthly, China Economic and Social Forum, The Yalu River Journal, Trend In Poetry, Grain In The Ear Journal, Yangtze Poetry Journal, published over a hundred magazines and Journals etc. Poetry and prose won awards; The 3rd Chinese Contemporary Poets Award in 2019; Research interests: English language and literature, translation, etc. Translated poetry anthology: Seeds And It's Flowering Past(Dec.,2020) ; Time Weighs Heavy (June25,2020) ; The Laughter of Stafford Girls High(Sep.,2021) ; Rain Shadow Review(Sep.,2021) ; Approximately Paradise (Sep.2021; Translation of Foreign Name (Oct, .2021) ; comparative Analysis of Teaching Methods in Chinese and American Classrooms(July 24,2021) and so on. Name: FengYan Last Name: Feng First Name: Yan Gender: Female associate professor DOB: 24,09,1968 Major: Linguistic Literature Graduate University: LiaoNing Normal University Degree: Master Degree Employer (University, Institute, etc..) in China: Liaoning Vocational College of Light Industry Office: 206 B South Hall Phone: 086-0411-87669774 Home phone: 086-0411-87709333 Mobile phone: 13234065511 Fax: 086-0411-87668426 E-mail: fengyan1122@163.com Mailing Address: No.288 Jin gang Road, Jinzhou District, Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China Zip code: 116100)

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Under The Lilac Tree

The breeze shook the leaves ,flapping each other
A string of fragrance, seeping into the chest
Close my eyes. Spit out the body's wordy language
The fragrance of the lungs, swimming through the body

Blindfolded darkness, hiding from the glare
Stolen spring, life upward
Look into the silence of the night
Life that works in secret grows strong under the moonlight
One crowded against the other
It infected cherry blossoms, magnolia
Breathing in the fragrance
It explodes between night and day
Forcing lilacs to turn purple, white, and in sheets

Those standing under the tree closed their eyes
The world took on a different height and pattern
The triviality of life is blown into warm color by a gust of wind
Running with falling petals of lilac

The experience of life has another taste
Hanging at the corners of her mouth, uptrend


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Some poets thoughts on what is poetry? "Poetry is the medicine of the world. It soothes and ennobles the soul." Associate professor Feng Yan, China.

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Yan Feng Popularity

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