Wheat and water
They are two friends
To make a roti
Tea leaf and milk are friends

Respect the country
Keep the country clean
No pollution to be on earth
Clean together, make together


Truth is the back bone of a character
Don't say lie
Say truth
Who says truth there is no fear on face!

New year is the step of happiness and health to be start new things and fly our happy (2)
We celebrate grand and we wear new dress to be this year has great achievements! !
New year is the step of happiness and health to be start new things and fly our happy
I hope for your life will be in this year has a great achievements, success on your goal and good health! ! !

Clap your hands
Come on gather to see the dance
Little children
Want to dance

The rain starts💦
The fresh air touch the clouds
The trees are throwing the wind
The rain stops

Help others the god help you
If you want help some one (3)
I can give my hand to some one who needs help..
(Helping is good manner)

A teacher is an important person in every ones life.
Teacher bring good education for children.
We celebrate teachers day in 5 september in a year.
They teach students to become a good person in life.

Get up early morning
Do physical and fit
Do not eat junk food
Na na na

Christmas is full of bright and catch the life
And santa is on his way to deliver gifts (2)
The children are so excited and happy to see the gifts.
The children are pray to god to get a different gift from santa

The latern on
The bulb is on
Our homes lights on
The street lights on

Do not waste food
Taste your food but
don't waste your food
Now if we save food

The rocket goes up
And children saw up
They thinking about that
And see all things

Time waits for no one
Time is runner
We want to run with it
We have time

Our earth our life
It has friends all....
Skies, forests, clouds,
starts, moon


Seller pick the flowers
He tied it
He goes to temple
And gives the god

Plastic, glasses, covers and all
We can reuse, reduce and recycle
Don't throw it
Creating clean india

First thing first
The rain start up
Dig the sand pour seeds
After few days


Brick, cement is the best friends
Paint, wall is the friends
To make this all
Our home is bright

Electronic devices
Tv, phone, tab and laptop
Don't use them
We have so much time to do any work



Wheat and water
They are two friends
To make a roti
Tea leaf and milk are friends
To make tea milk
We are friends to make fun


Unnikrishnan E S 15 January 2022

I saw your comment on the lovely poem "Autumn Song" by Sarojini Naidu", the ‘Nightingale of India', as Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru called her. She was a great freedom fighter, and a greater poet. So, I just thought, addressing her as our contemporary may be out of place.

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