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I become stronger when I am in her presence
For even she knows that she is my quintessence
I watch her sleep trying to unveil her identity
As those pretty coloured eyes open to greet me

Oh beautiful one how are you
Read my poem and tell me if it’s true
At the end of the long tunnel your my light
When it’s cold your my blanket for the night

Beautiful girl you’re like a star
You seem so near yet so far
What I wouldn’t give to bring you closer to me
Just for you to be able to see what it is that I see

As the night begins to fall
I hear a sweet luscious call
Is my fragile heart to blame
For melting with her call of my name

Clouds have cleared to colour the sky blue
Whilst leaves have turned red since I last saw you
The seasons have changed yet am still the same
Same man, same feelings and still the same aim

Perched on the edge of my dreams as I pray I don’t fall
Under my feet I can ever so clearly hear realities call
What makes reality think that I want to return
Why return to hardship after feeling the burn

It breaks my heart
Knowing were falling apart
Your on my mind every second of the day
So how did we somehow drift away

It seems like an eternity since I last saw you
But somehow I have barely made it through
Through the suffering and pain
As I fall in the dirt in the rain

Am not going down that road again
With all the suffering and pain
What more could I do
I gave all I had to you

Walking blindly in the darkness I saw a light
In graceful human form it lit up the dark night
My eyes couldn't even perceive her identity
But for familiarisation we had the rest of eternity

Some rejoice as news of fatherhood reaches their ears
Others mourn and walk away leaving mothers in tears
The heartless believe they have got a better life to live
Whilst the foolish believe they don't have anything to give

I ask you with searching eyes what you would do
If one day true love had decided to give up on you
Would you write your true love a love letter
To somehow try to make things a little better

The Prophet is so beautiful he is beyond compare
The people passing by had no choice but to stop and stare
The most beautiful man ever to have walked the earth
Every inch of His life was beauty at its best starting from birth

I fail miserably to see a reason to live
This broken life has nothing to give
My breath is wasted every single day
No one has time to hear what you have to say

I'm surrounded in flowers as I lay in a coma
Embraced like a halo by their sweet aroma
Whilst the sun slowly rises to illuminate the sky
Streaks of the sunlight visible from my third eye

Her safe haven is broken yet she walks with grace
Broken promises have left their trace on her face
Her smile cannot disguise the aching pain in her eyes
Rivers of tears flowing beneath her as she cries

All my life I have waited for a day like this
A day with only you, me, romance and bliss
Reality continued to betray me
Until only you I could see

The scream of the innocent pierces the silent night
Their loved ones snatched before the morning light
Their homes broken and burnt to the ground
Whilst the babies sleeping inside were never found

Why couldn’t I have said those three beautiful words
Which are sweeter than the song of the morning birds
I truly do

Walking into the darkness of the night
With only the sweetest of memories in sight
I tread on the autumn leaves
Wondering whether she grieves

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Childhood Pain

I become stronger when I am in her presence
For even she knows that she is my quintessence
I watch her sleep trying to unveil her identity
As those pretty coloured eyes open to greet me
A smile forms on her beautiful face
Unsurprisingly sleep hasn't left it's trace
My lips met her lips to greet them to a new day
Eyes lingering on her wrists as I pull away
I can feel her heart beginning to race
As I see the aching pain on her innocent face
Fresh scars that I never knew exist
Have taken their place on her fragile wrist
Taking her hands in mine I kiss the scars on her wrist
Tears rolled from her eyes the moment I had kissed
I whisper in her ears that everything will be fine
Whilst wishing all of her pain becomes mine
Watching her suffer continues to tear me apart
Will her childhood memories ever depart
She cuts herself to ease the unbearable pain
No matter how hard she tries it's all in vain
My mind asks how long will this pain go on for?
Common sense tells me I can't take no more
Instinct reassures me that I will make it through
After all the advice I still don’t know what to do
I wonder when the healing process will start
So that her past and present can drift apart
Will pain take mercy on her innocent soul
Or will it crush her wings causing her to fall
I wait for her pain to be washed away by the rain
So that she can forget her past to start all over again

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Jodie Pollock 02 February 2009

amazing man, helped me in life and i dont even know him, love you xxx

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