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Yehoshua Hammoshil ben Peleh Shim'onai, Ishel Eved'Yah (literally, Poet/Parabler Joshua Son of Felipe Jimenez, Man of God [and] Servant of the LORD; real name Phillip Joshua Kalata Jimenez) , after his transformation by the grace of God from being a diss track rapper, is a Christian poet currently serving as a Sunday school teacher at Word of Hope ...

Yehoshua Shim'onai Poems

*tetelestai! (It Is Finished!)

Tetelestai! For it's already done
Praise and glory be to the Holy One
The enemy's already trampled on
And triumphantly doomed to destruction.

Of Agape

Where have you gotten your timeless love?
Where’s the source of your love which’s true?
Where does it descend from like a dove
And spring from which’s like water so blue?

Man Of War, Giver Of Peace

My Lord is a man of war
and the Giver of peace
For He made war to deliver me
from evil

Tanaga # 2 - Ating Pag-Ibig (Our Love)

'Di sa tayo'ng umibig
'Di tayo'ng nag-alay -
Una'ng Dios sa pag-ibig,
Buhay n'ya'y kanyang bigay!

On The Crusades

O Lord of the Highest, search upon the depths of our hearts
And reveal all the foolishness of our own ways
Show us the senselessness and arrogance in us
And may our hearts be broken before you.

Yehoshua Shim'onai Quotes

03 December 2014

Love is the very basic law of Christianity just as self-centeredness is the very basic law of anti-Christianity.

03 December 2014

No color, position, or activity can make a man more than a man. He is just a man; nothing more.

03 December 2014

How can the human mind know the exact measure of the infinity?

03 December 2014

Enjoy life like the children. Think wise like the old.

03 December 2014

What right do we have to complain when Christ never complained at all?

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Prabir Gayen 26 July 2020

Very talented poet......God ahead....God bless..//

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