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East, a loathed enemy
Does not conform to the West
Digressed but evasive he claims
Reluctant she feels

Lady, a rose marry
Smelling so sweet
With a supple waste
That seems to ask you

Prior to the destination along a loading bay
Where rested a long exuberant wheel
Moving high on a high way
With four basements as a standing steel

I rush through the iron gate of life
The train of anguish
Roared horribly on my back
The sunset

The Internet refuses to open the site’s gate
Appealing to heaven where all returns shall be made
My way, with ease, was made
Browsing through the yard

What a warm reception!
Contained in an osier cage of commendation
Coupled with some banquet of bosom benedictions
To a thankless errant

The day doesn’t allow me of her to see
My tears, like river, has flooded into a sea
When she absolutely deny me my plea
Though a disappointment by my carefree

Indeed; an inferno room it’s!
A pandemonium room of chaotic corner
Where hostages scream and groan
The lack scream for shinning but transient wealth

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The Dignity Of A Lady

East, a loathed enemy
Does not conform to the West
Digressed but evasive he claims
Reluctant she feels
Shedding shallow shame like water from the duck-backs
For superiority not of her
But they are almost the same source of river
Having crawled over my dreams

Nevertheless, I hold you tight... then sticks
Against extraneous and divine bags of tricks
That serves nothing but lust and jinx
Here comes the guy you hit with sticks
Reciprocate with tragic but nuptial rings
All to embrace truce and unity
And set a chain of one entity
Wish you'd come to elevate my sanctity
And make one figure a twenty
So I might be holy and praisworthy
Then fill with solace and tenacity

lady, hide here! hide your NECTAR
For here is the sanctuary
That prevents tsetse flies
From humiliating your FILAMENTS
And your foliage, pearled by the dew
Please come forth!
And let us sleep now.

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Yussuf Muktar 29 May 2013

Good poem. Kindly rate mine.

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