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My Mamaw is a woman of God. If it weren’t for her I would have never heard anything about God. I went to church with my mamaw as a little child, and in my early teens I got saved. However, I got my feelings hurt by a Pastor, I won't go into that story, it was to long ago. Anyway the incident made my dad mad so we left that church. My dad found a Baptist church and we began going there. Slowly I began to fall away from God, I would go to church, when I felt like it. I was not dedicated to attending church regularly. I had the hurt from the other church and I believe it started at the root of unforgiveness, but I can not blame my falling away from God on people. Actually I was looking for friends, you want to be accepted, so you fall in with the people who accept you. In the 11th grade I sta ...

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Through It All

Personal pain and paths that I have trod
Through it all you are the rock in which I hide
In you I will always and forever abide
With depths unknown
As I trust you through green pastures
The place in which I have come to know so well
Running through the fields of laughter
Oh such joy and peace
Oh to walk alongside the saviors blessed feet
Ahhh, the Master comes
Oh how I long for His presence
But somehow I always seem to run
Why I do this? I do not yet know
Yet He always bids me, 'come'
The answers to life's questions I do not yet know
I do know the guide in which we all can be restored

written by: Yvonne M. Stine August 7,2014

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31 January 2015

Run to the refuge who is the anchor of your soul.

01 February 2015

Where can you go when the world don't treat you right, the answer is Jesus who is the Christ.

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