Oh Blake with your drunken spirit you've adorned,
The everlasting grace and beauty of the Gospel.
You've illuminated mankind with your Poetical Sketches,
I love thee Lamb and sympathize thy ecstasy of a little kid.

Peevish abbotsford enchanted a woodcraft with holding a candle to the devil

The fair Jewishness of the Maiden incumbent Rebecca's life endangered in chastisement
O holy daughter of Rachael cried and lamented the Isaac of York in agony, grief and fear

Z I MAHMUD Biography

Z I Mahmud

(+880) 1932547213

Prospective Undergrad Major Concentration In English & Humanities B.A. Honours Programme in English Literature and Culture at Brac University Bangladesh

Past Employment History
English Language & Literature Teacher
English Language Center Bangladesh, Mirpur Afternoons Thrice
Weekly 1 hour 30 minutes Lecture Sessions January -March 2019
Privileged with the mentorship facilitator and tutorship academician
evaluating elementary, middle and high grade school students. Pupils
were taught story-discussion, conversation with accent variations using
phonetics symbols of Cambridge Dictionary online, enacting and
chanting in drama, poems, speech reading for the preparation of Annual
Exhibition Performance Festival. It was a contractual job for 2-3 months
and received honorarium, employment benefits, certified and testified
ID card and a ever heartening hospitality; welcoming ambiance from the
vibrant and energetic community. Contributed as a voice artist in
conversation of recording podcasts and cassettes of the institute.

Education & High School Information
Bangladesh International School & College
Pearson Edexcel International General Certificate Education
(IGCSE) Janurary 2017 session appeared seven subjects: Bengali A*,
Human Biology A, Mathematics B, English Language D, Biology A,
Chemistry B, Physics B.
Private Candidateship (Homeschooled)
Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) Advanced
Subsidiary (AS) January 2018 & January 2020 in Chemistry and
Economics respectively.
Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level (IAL) Advanced
Levels (A2) January 2019 in Chemistry.
Bangladesh Air Forces College Shaheen Tejgaon, Dhaka
Cantonment. Higher Secondary Certificate HSC COVID Batch
Academic Session 2019-20 and Examinations On going or Applied
December 2021 Humanities
Academic awards, publications, honours and other achievements
To The Drunken Spirit of William Blake
Prof. Rajdeep Chowdhury & Dr. Shivputra Kanade
Indian International Literary Anthology Love: My Religion
Pros and Cons Amalgamation For Social Media and Literature
Posthumous Virginia Woolf's Dilemma
Prof. Rajdeep Chowdhury & Dr. Shivputra Kanade
Social Media and Literature: Pros and Cons
English Poetry Recitation Competitions Annual Extracurricular
Cultural Programs Week received First Prize during sixth grade
reciting " Nature" by William Henry Davies, seventh grader reciting " The
Sands of Dee" by Charles Kingsley, eighth grade reciting " Stopping By
Woods On A Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost, ninth grade reciting
" The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost and received Second Prize
during tenth grade reciting " The Old Arm Chair" by Eliza Cook.
We had a choir, choreography and drama representation of the Lyrical
Ballads poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, " The Rhyme of the Ancient
Mariner" . I had been a reciter during the occasion of the 20th Annual
Prize Giving and Proclamation Ceremony 2014.
Certificate awarded for participating in the Painting competition on the
theme Jute & Environment under the age group B (above 9 years)
organized by the International Jute Study Group (IJSG) on the occasion
of World Environment Day on 05 June 2011.
Impromptu Speech Competition grade VI during the Yearly Cultural
Week Program 2012 of my high school and achieved first prize.
Reader's Digest The Asian of The Year Edition 2012 published a
feedback letter on the commentary of the blogger Nury Vittachi's
YOUTH Magazine (www.youth.ly) regular contributor, writer, poet
and interviewer and had published the following materials: " Interview
with Madam Jeanne Louise Calment" , " Amy Barbera: The Angelic
Artist" , " Interview with Lloyd Stone" , " The Voice of A Migratory Bird"
Publication in THE TALENTS DEN; a brochure of my high school
where I have been featured with my photo: " Chief guest awarding a
BNCC Cadet" , " Independence Day Speech 26th March 2012" , " The
Seamless Cohesion and Rain Drop Magazines"
Kennedy -Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program, Bangladesh
Academic year: 2016-2017 selected for the invitation to appear in English
Language Test for International Students (ELTIS) and In-Class Essay.
Celebrity Publicist The Magazine Bangladesh David Rossy Wyoming
Advocate of Global Peace Stewardship Environmentalism, Filmstar and
film script production, design, team crew and management affairs
superintendent nominated me as the pioneer forerunner editor of this
online facebook page Magazine.
Astonishing and exciting privilege to take a photography
opportunity with delighted and cherished spirit with ardent and
fervent novelist, passionate and enthusiastic lecturer Adam Johnson
and Courtney Hodell a the Bangla Academy premises. DLF - Day 02
09 November 2018 at Bangla Academy — attending a festival at
Bangla Academy? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Coursework summer programs and community services
US Diplomat visitation with incumbent of visiting resident and adjunct
faculty, educational and cultural exchange (Teaching English To The
Speakers of Other Languages TESOL and Teaching English As A Second
Language ESL fellow) hosted by the bureau of United States federal
agency in collaboration with the embassy. Ms. Katy McAlary, Montana
University English Literature Graduate, Former English Adjunct
Faculty Lewis Clark State College, English Language and Creative
Writing Lecturer, Washington State University, Pallman. Ms.Katy, in a
wintry festive fair: story telling session at North End Coffee Roasters.
Bangladesh National Cadet Corps successfully participated in the one
week training program from 23rd September 2013 to 29th September 2013
where I had gathered the craft and knowledge of leadership qualities
through dedicating and engaging in different activities such as parades
and volunteering; extracurricular activities.
Certificate of Participation in Regional Mathematical Olympiad 2014 1st
February Dhaka organzied by the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad
Annual Science Fair Exhibition Bangladesh International School and
College 2012 Project: " The Future Eco-Firendly City" team vice captain
and received 2nd prize among the sixth graders.
Annual Science Fair Exhibition Bangladesh International School and
College 2014 Project: " Food Factory" team vice captain and received 3rd

prize among the eighth graders.
Hobbies, interests and passion
I'm very much thrilled and inspired to carry out research writing
scientific and even literary or poetic articles, essays, stories and poems,
reading academic journals, magazines; avid and enthusiastic reader of
academic Biological Sciences particularly Zoology books and do delve
myself into lab works modules and research experiment and other
practical investigations and field works with teammates. Teaching
assistantship would be the fascination and excitement of my heart,
mind and soul and even I do have some experience of teaching, tutoring,
mentoring and coaching private tuitions besides being an academic
Embracing foreign particularly western culture and collaborating with
new friends and acquaintances through conversation and sociableness
and amicable nourishment. Katy McAlary was here in Bangladesh as an
English Language Fellow and diplomat from the American Embassy and
The American Cultural Centre. I had the privilege to be acquainted with
her in coffee conversations at the North End Coffee Roasters Café twice;
we had narrated poems and stories there with enlivening and zealous
Plantation projects and gardening inspire me as part of community and
college cafeteria programs. Even I had designed a wonderful project
model of Eco Green House; aquarium with culture of acquaponics with
fishes and plants during the Science Fair Exhibition of my high school.
SAARC Countries Abroad Trips and Foreign Holiday Making
During the years of 2018-19 summer vacation, the quintessential
holiday mountains and valleys in awesome experience and
awestruck spirits visited Vellore and stunning Southern India.
Transitioning from Kolkata to Southern India and vice-versa, the
mesmerizing adventuresome train journey will be memorable for a
lifetime. The indigenous cultural heritage of Tamil aboriginal people
and their humane attitude and humility, affectionate sensationalism,
and progressive ethics integrate a profound morality. Especially the
medical community of Southern India value humanity in their
service providing and clinical prescription. They practice medicine
with genuine hearts and embrace human sufferings with endurance
and resilience, inspiring and encouraging motives or goals, changing
and changing lives. In Kolkata I was privileged to take the esplanade
and discover a walk in front of the Victoria Memorial Hall, the
Indian Museum in Park Street and touring College Street
Lineage and pedigree related facts
Parents Relation: Fatherhood
Md. Jahoorul Islam,1986-87 B.A. (Hons) M.A.1995 (English Literature)
University of Dhaka & M.A. in Applied Linguistics and English
Language Teaching Brac University 2009-10 session
Former US Embassy Resident -In -House Employee (Receptionist)
Former Lecturer in English Juranpur Adhrsha Degree College, Comilla,
Barrister Rafiqul Islam Mia Degree College, Bashkait, Comilla, Lokman
Hossain Fakir Women's Degree College, Bhuapur, Tangail.
Former Examiner of Intermediate, Degree of Open University
Programmes while sustaining lectureship at college.
Relation: Motherhood
Ms. Mahmuda Khatun
B.A. (Hons) ,1987-88, M.A.1995 (General History) University of Dhaka
Former Indoor Games Secretary affiliated and beneficiary of Students'
League Panel Dhaka University Central Students Union DUCSU and in
-charge Indoor Games of Shamsunnahar Hall Residential Dormitory
Former Lecturer Kalindi Girls College, Keraniganj.
Presently Assistant Teacher in Physical Education Department
Bangladesh International School & College, DOHS, Mohakhali.
Z.I.Mahbub, Eight Grader and presently homeschooling…
Virtual Conclave and Seminary Sessions
Virtual Summit with Rob Kaplan, the President of Federal Reserve Bank
of Dallas On Zoom Platform Organized By Prairie View University
Professor Ruth Simmons.
ECONCHAT ZOOM PLATFORM With A Level Economics Subject
Specialists from the UK

The Best Poem Of Z I MAHMUD

To The Drunken Spirit Of William Blake- A Poetry Written As Fiction In Free And Blank Verse

Oh Blake with your drunken spirit you've adorned,
The everlasting grace and beauty of the Gospel.
You've illuminated mankind with your Poetical Sketches,
I love thee Lamb and sympathize thy ecstasy of a little kid.
With the proclamation of lifelong belief you have painted;
Through imaginings of The Marriage of Heaven and Hell.
Humanity burst into warring fragmented lamentations;
Ah! Milton and Jerusalem appeared in reconciled visions.
Your engravings sculptured, color drawings printed:
And the water color illustrations giving a feeble and tottering The Real Man The Imagination which liveth forever.
I read William Wordsworth's commentary in the pleasantries exchange with the saying goes:
'There is no doubt that this poor man was mad, but there is something in the madness of this man which interests me more than the sanity of Lord Byron and Walter Scott.'
I narrate the gladdening and overwhelming tidings of:
Henry in a letter to the Damsel Dorothy-
He lives…enjoying constant intercourse with the world of spirits. He receives visits from Shakespeare, Milton, Dante, Voltaire etc...etc...etc and has given me repeatedly their words in conversations.
Have you been pondering in enchanted walks too Blake?
Might have nymphs and fairies in bewilderment.
Wherefore divine incarnations of Blake stare at distress!
In stunning blasphemy thus Antichrist dwells in dismay! !
Jesus voice thundering sounds in compelling spirits
As stones bleed n; Satan put sin in the cross and tombJoh.
You are a mental traveler Blake: preacher romantic
And here I present my farewell to thy soul: spiritual heal.

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