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Brings hopes in the life, light
Travels with a greater might, light

O Allah you ever hear
Your grace is everywhere
You are the one I call for favor

This is the noble Qur’an,
A divine revelation from Rahman;

A beautiful core of Islam,

My name Earth I am alive
Many depart and many arrive
Millions creatures I give life

I have much yet not gratify
Try all leisure never get satisfy
Achieve a goal lift me high
To lose an object spoils my life

I feel you around,
When I am alone;
When I go out side,
You are along with me;

The rays of sun falling on ground
Singing of the Birds, their marvelous sounds
Tall trees and splendid Mounts
Lash green grass and elevations of Ground

When heaven brings a noble Rain,
Every hidden secret starts Gain;
When the final trumpet blows,
On the earth life starts flow;

Life is a chance*
Is this chance* by chance?
How a chance* got a chance1
Is that chance1 by a chance2?

When an agony hour will loom
A strange trumpet will be blown
Hustle & bustle will be gone
Then no one will be able to turn


Love is sweeter than any sweet

Love is bitter than any inhuman beat

In a hot summer with a bottle of wine,
Leaving a messy city facing the horizon line;
Driving with enthusiasm and weather was fine,
On the sandy beach, couples were enjoying.

He was looking for her whole his life.
He tried hard to know where she lives.
He asked many if she was still alive,
Spending thousands days and thousands nights.

The affection of mother
The care for a brother
To a son correction of a father
Operation for a doctor


Keeping secrets we never know,
Many went and had lost their ways;
Rich merchants and camels in rows,
Silence is like a scary beast.

I asked her,
Tell me about youself my darling?

She said,

I am a free man why I need a religion
I deemed to join a faith to answer people’s question

Christianity attracts me as they are numerous

Let’s speak out
For the one most high
The designer of the darkness and the light
The one who emerges the day into the night

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Brings hopes in the life, light
Travels with a greater might, light
Gives vision to many eyes, light
A colorful horizon on eastside, light

Seems coming form the heights, light
Over comes evils of the night, light
To the darkness it always strikes, light
Faster than any flight, light

For many beings it is a diet, light
Thunder seems snatching sight, light
Rainbow is at wide, light
Spreads everywhere at sunrise, light

Over sky all white, light
Gives impact always bright, light
Shows path, put on right, light
If one thinks it is a life, light

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Zaibar Zee Popularity

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