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1. Game Of Chance (Life) 6/18/2007
2. Submission Poems - the Finale 6/21/2007
3. Submission Poems - o Allah You Enough For Me 6/21/2007
4. Submission Poems - qur’an 6/21/2007
5. Love 12/3/2008
6. She Was An Eternal Life 12/3/2008
7. He Wants Her 12/3/2008
8. Means Of A Love 12/3/2008
9. Desert 12/3/2008
10. I Asked Her! 12/6/2008
11. My Religion 12/6/2008
12. The God! 1/31/2010
13. Beauty 8/5/2011
14. Great Event 8/5/2011
15. You Are My Life 6/18/2007
16. I Am A Bad Man 6/18/2007
17. ...Light 6/14/2007
18. Monologue (Earth) 6/18/2007

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Monologue (Earth)

My name Earth I am alive
Many depart and many arrive
Millions creatures I give life

I was nothing before a strike
It was just a smoke strive
I was dead then in drive

To me water made arrive
Water gave me a life
It was billions years before

I have day and have night
Night is dark day is bright
I have moon with reflected light

I am protected, covered tight
I am rotating, moving all right
Sun is making all me light

Sun for me a source of life
I am laden inside, out side
My nature is peace, makes all satisfy

Therein ...

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Game Of Chance (Life)

Life is a chance*
Is this chance* by chance?
How a chance* got a chance1
Is that chance1 by a chance2?
Why end is approaching to this chance*
How this chance* will get another chance3
Will be that chance3 by chance?
How that chance3 could get chance4
Is there a chance2 of this chance4?

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