Zammy Whiz Poems

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Self Proclamation

The lesser ain't an option,
never settled, but bring a vessel,
Filled with ambitions and knowledge.
Inside me is an unrelenting drive,

Liberty In My Backyard

I stared at the forefront forest,
Accompanied by thick darkness,
the hum of the insects,
delightedness fills from within,

Save A Man

When thy save a man,
thy save a family.
I was in solitude,
when the sun was ready to lay,

Err Believed Orthod

We are an aberration,
an aberration it's called,
mistaken it for the norm,
the err believed orthodox,

Ultramodern Bondage

I raise my head,
and, look beyond the sea,
beyond the forefront forest,
past the humming of the insects,

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