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Listen, my friend! He gave me His rosary as a token of His love, but alas!
I failed to take care of it and lost it! I was unworthy.


Dear friend, pray do not lose hope and faith;
no wonder if someone comes to you with another love token.
He has no dearth of tokens; His treasures are full.


One would cry and not restrain the tears,
But crying is of no avail,
Shedding incessant tears is of no avail,
And knocking one's head against

Not Prepared

The one who loves me more than I
My hope, my light, my tears and my Master
The one who searches for me
The one who waits for me, my eternal lover

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Pandit 'Zinda Kaul is a well-known Indian poet, writer & teacher. He composed in Persian, Hindi, Urdu & Kashmiri.

Personal Life

Zinda Kaul was also known as MasterJi by his students and friends. He came to be called 'Masterji' because he used to teach many Kashmiris, both in school as well as at his home. Zinda was born into a Kashmiri ...

Zinda Kaul Popularity