Zunda Wezi Chibwe

Zunda Wezi Chibwe Poems

1. Broken Ego 9/21/2012
2. Who Am I To You? 9/21/2012
3. Random Thoughts 9/21/2012
4. Dear Icandy 9/21/2012
5. Story Of My Life… 9/21/2012
6. My Fairytale 9/21/2012
7. My Utopia 10/3/2013
8. The Realization Moment 10/3/2013
9. Lost 10/3/2013
10. Broken Pieces 10/3/2013
11. Sun Sets In Paradise 10/3/2013
12. Happy Valentine's Day 4/4/2017
13. Functionality 4/4/2017
14. To My Lady 4/4/2017
15. The Orphan 4/4/2017
16. Breathless Heart 1 9/21/2012
17. Breathless Heart 2 9/21/2012
18. Dark Febuary 28th 9/21/2012
19. To Be Or Not To Be? ? 9/21/2012
20. The Lawyer, Writer And Billboard Model 9/21/2012
21. Life 9/21/2012
22. My Mother My Best Friend 9/21/2012
23. Broken Record 9/21/2012

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Broken Record

fire burnt with desire,
emotion finaly to retaire,
the sound of the song so sweet,
its dance so easy on two feet,
before we could see its end meet,
a sudden silence forced all dancers to retreat,
thus began the story of the broken record, its uniqueness fortold,
in its presence curtains are drawn,
on stage surprises and deeds unknown,
all conciousness overthrown,
surpasses all fashion,
causes massive distruction, borken record the reason for my depression, courageously i follow you,
instantenuosly pain follows through,
out of me you made a ...

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To Be Or Not To Be? ?

To be or not to be is the question,
Each day the sun rises and sets,
Yet for self indentity and satisifaction we search,
At the end of the day the question still remains,
To be or not to be,
Why shud life be so challenging,
Isn't it frustrating enough that it keeps changing,
Like waves tossing you back and forth,
And still to be or not to be remains the thought,

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