Gleb Zavlanov

Rookie [G.Y. Lanov]

Gleb Zavlanov Poems

1. The Great Depression 7/24/2013
2. Song of the Nightingale 7/9/2013
3. When Clouds Upon the Summer Breeze All Rest 3/24/2014
4. Sonnet II 3/22/2014
5. Sonnet I 3/22/2014
6. Julius Caesar 3/22/2014
7. Hypnos 3/23/2014
8. Ode to Spring 3/23/2014
9. Ode to a Bee 3/22/2014
10. I Am the Helpless, Wingéd Fly 12/29/2013
11. Serenade 3/23/2014
12. On a Golden Finch 3/23/2014
13. Addressed To The Muses 3/22/2014
14. If Fall Shall Rob Fair Summer 3/24/2014
15. Ode To Morning 4/7/2014

Sonnet I

Down through the Alps, immortal, standing high
Whose feathers are the clouds of passing days
And whose sweet bosoms touch the milky sky
And whose faint breaths birth thick and gentle haze;
Upon the hills and valleys, laced with white
And brushed by bonnets of the passing clouds
There is beneath the mounts, a lovely sight:
Which please all mortal eyes: soft daisy crowds.
Of all unearthly, flowery June treasure

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