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000. Preface - Poem by Praveen Kumar

Life and poetry aemule each other: they are different forms of the same process with sensibilities functioning as the umblical chord between them. The realities of life intenerate to incony imageries and pleasing expressions when pass through the creative being of a poet and spawn a new world of delightful experience. In this sense, poetry is life: poetry is poetic experience of the life, and poetry is the spirit of life in its transcendent form. It reflects life not only in form, but also in spirit and soul. A good poetry soars with lurking nuances of suggestive meanings beneath the outer form, pendentously opens up new worlds of meaning every time it is read. Only a sensitive, imaginative and resourceful mind can fully comprehend all the finer aspects of a poetry. A great reader, in this sense, makes a poetry, great. A poetry sans a good reader is as dumb as a wild flower. This is why poetry needs good readership. The natural desire for wider and good readership prompted me to seek the publication of this work as my thirteenth volume of poems, and seventh bouquet of English poems.

"Celestial Glow" covers poems composed in 2012 and later and arranged in their chronological order in this collection. Poems penned before this period are covered in the previous volume, "Shobha Priya".

Poems of "Celestial Glow" are dedicated to Priya Chaitra Tapasvini—the paragon of sublime conscience and conscious moral rectitude, most charming and most wonderful creation of pure beauty, devotion, love and sacrifice ever born in this world; most perfect and prettiest in all worlds. This volume of poetry is lovingly dedicated to that exquisite wonder God has ever created.

I remember Shobha with profound love and regard for being the strength and inspiration of this and all my literary works and life and coming again in pursuit of the goal. This volume is a small tribute to her resolve transcending all barriers in the Second Advent.

My son, Pratheek Praveen Kumar is my strength in pursuit of my literary activities and seems like carrying forward the avocation. I thank him for his consistent help. I must confess that it is my father Shree R. D. Suvarna who made me whatever I am now. I would have never ventured in to literary pursuits without his encouragement.

My deep gratitude is also due to my wife, Jayashree, who naturally is the first reader and critic of all my literary compositions apart from being the first effective proofreader. I thank her for all her cooperation. Also, my mother, Smt. B. Sarojini, my sister, Pramodini Ganesh, brother, Nishith Kumar, sister, Asha Narasimha and brother, Sushir Kumar stood behind me in this effort. I record my gratitude to all of them.

- PK

Topic(s) of this poem: life, love, philosophy, poems

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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