Maya Hanson

Another Summer - Poem by Maya Hanson

Sitting on the edge
of the concrete path
The grains digging into my skin

Sitting on the edge
of the life I’ve got to live
Should I even try


A small smile on my lips
staring into the distance
A horizon I need to face
how swiftly it’s coming closer

Always planning for the future
not taking a present step
Dreaming dreams out of the future
where people see me clearly

I’m no longer the silent girl
Maybe next summer
I’m awake, you approach me
Maybe next summer

In another life
I would talk to you
In another world
I could risk it

Just wait another day
I won’t hold out for long
Just wait a little while
I’ll change before your eyes
Be here next summer
and I will come to you

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This song (or poem or whatever you want to call it) brings to light a fact:
I have never been in love.
Granted, I am a teenager, so I love to fantasize and write about love. I have definitely had some full-blown crushes and butterflies-in-the-stomach-whenever-I-see-you relationships and personal feelings toward certain people that may or may not have been returned. But I have never thought to myself 'oh, yes, This Is Love.'

I wanted to write this because I have forever had the fantasy that I will change myself, be more outgoing, meet someone in college. I know that I could do it now, but everyone around me who doesn't know me well thinks they know I'm quiet. And at this I laugh. Because I know I'm not, and I'm just not open in front of them.

For all of you non-adult writers and readers out there (and the adults as well if they want- I'm not biased) , I wrote this because I wanted to seem a little more real to you. And whenever I listen to songs of artists I like, I imagine that their lives are flawless. I know they're not, but I wanted to show you that my life is most definitely not flawless either. I am not famous on anyone's terms, and I don't pretend to be a millionaire with a million ex-boyfriends and all that stuff.
So yeah. I hope you enjoyed Another Summer, and please comment if it made you feel something! :)

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