Treasure Island

Anthony Di'anno

(North Yorkshire)

Back In The Eighties

Peadophiles were elected to power,
Celebrity gorged on youth's energy,
Young children were rented out by the hour,
From homes built for their own security,

Lives were destroyed ignored and covered up,
Keys passed between carer and abuser,
The queen gave out honours and the odd cup,
To some of the perverts who amused her,

If you think it is not happening now,
Then you are very sadly mistaken,
The only question to answer is how,
You will stop liberties being taken,

Act out of love and not out of malice,
Know where the buck stops, Buckingham Palace,

Submitted: Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Topic(s): Love

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

The powers that be would have you believe today's celebrities, politicians, royalty and other leeches are not involved in what happened in the eighties. It's still going on.

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  • Anthony Di''anno (7/20/2014 6:04:00 AM)

    A very interesting and thought provoking comment Allan,

    I think it comes down to being educated enough to be able to give informed consent. There is a world of difference between two young people experimenting at their own consentual pace, compared with a young person being groomed and manipulated into doing something they are not comfortable with by an adult.
    How do they get to give informed consent though when the system is controlled by a satanic cult? (Report) Reply

  • Anthony Di''anno (7/20/2014 6:02:00 AM)

    Children are sexualised from birth. Music videos are little more than porn films. The mainstream music industry promotes 'artists' willing to convey the message of their masters. Schools teach false doctrines and false history. Their parent's relationships are based of stereotypical behavours of celebrities as told through the newspapers, magazines, sitcoms and soap operas.

    Let us not forget we are talking about a network of peadophiles, so high up in the system that they can organise children to be taken from their beds in care homes and be transported around the world to satisfy the lust of the very people who we pay homage and taxes to.

    I feel a great shame whilst I listen to the silence of my fellow 'poets' on this matter. (Report) Reply

  • Mandolyn ... (7/19/2014 9:59:00 PM)

    wow, such a great poem and not one single glitch.
    it reads like butter- real butter- not margarine, that stuff will kill you. (Report) Reply

  • Ed Nigma (7/19/2014 9:26:00 PM)

    Well I enjoyed this expose of a prose and will add to the controversy with a comment that many will not understand and might even be angered by but if they read it with an open heart and mind they will see the same conclusions I have come to in one way or another.

    I agree with all that is said the rich and powerful get away with a lot. Roman Polanski the Hollywood director was a man that drugged an raped a young girl served a very short sentence and fled the states before his actual sentence was imposed and has been living overseas ever since. Yet he is praised among many in Hollywood and around the world. I agree he is a great director and I am not one to continually beat someone down for theirs sins or breaking of the laws. What he did was inexcusable and the young lady will have to live with the memory of the timeless stain he left within her soul.

    Now I am not an advocate in ANYWAY of sex between adults and teens. But I wonder at what point did these things become so awful and evil? if you think back to earlier times marriages were arranged and young ladies/men were having sex with their spouses in their early teens. Which to me doesn't really bother me as I look back on it. I don't condone nor do I condemn it.

    I do however take a strong stance against prostituting children and teens, rape or child molestation of any kind a believe whole heartedly these things should be met with swift/harsh judgment.

    Now I do find this interesting in regards to that. It is unlawful for an older woman lets say 30 to have sex with a 17 year old consenting male yet AS SOON as they turn 18 they can sell their souls and prostitute themselves on film for the world to see and SO MANY profit financially from this. So my thought is this is...

    A young man is 1 day away from turning 18 and if he makes a video of him having sex 1 day before his 18th birthday it's considered child pornography but 1 day later it's considered completely legal and profitable? ?

    Let me take it a step further. A young man 17 years old is 30 minutes away from turning 18 LEGAL His 30 year old girlfriend whom he has never had sexual relations with just an emotional relationship not physical. Says that she would like to sleep with him like a special gift between the 2 before he becomes a LEGAL MAN. Lets say they go ahead and do that. Without getting to extreme with examples lets say the sex lasts 1 hour.

    So the politically correct thing to say about this situation is the women is a rapist for the first 30 minutes and a law abiding citizen unlabeled from the word rapist for the last 30 minutes of what took place?

    Law and policy makers have some rather ridiculous things they make up. There are so many locked up for crimes that I don't necessarily see as crimes. Now there are all sorts of variables for each situation which might make it shameful and unlawful but laws often times are more about protecting the pockets and investments of those that support such laws.

    We have prisons filled with hardened criminals then you have these people being demonized as mentally/emotionally sick, morally corrupt and depraved rapists. Which I sometimes have to laugh at because of the sheer ridiculousness.

    You hear time and again which is also becoming a lot more frequent I might add of female teachers sleeping with their students or women sleeping with young consenting men. Now I sit back and say how is this considered rape in anyway? It's not like these people are drugging and beating them senseless the young men are happy and willing to oblige otherwise why would they? it's not like these women are overpowering these young men.

    Now I am not saying there aren't circumstances that make these situations worse but if you have 2 consenting adults I am not sure where the word statutory rape is even applicable. Nor do I think that in all situations these men or women need to be imprisoned maybe put on house arrest and forced to have psychological counseling at best.

    So what does the court system do with a situation like that one I just made up?

    You know prostitution is illegal all over the U.S but you head to the outskirts of Nevada and it's 100% legal because it is in a controlled environment that can be taxed?

    Pornography is 100% legal as long as the participants are willing, consenting and 18 years old or above. Once again legal prostitution that is in a controlled environment and 100% taxable. It always comes back to money somewhere in the scheme of things.

    I can't in 100% honestly say sex between a teen and an adult is sick. Based off everything I have read in the bible and other books paying attention to our history. But I would say taking advantage of young men and women is horrible.

    I can understand why they changed the laws of the past where it was once legal and actually blessed to see a marriage between 2 young people or an older adult and younger teen in which they would consummate the marriage making it lawful for 2 consenting people to have relations in those terms. I think so many forget such things.

    Now as for them changing the laws for population control and morale while not having millions of fatherless/motherless children running around without parents that aren't ready to be parents. I can also understand why they came up with the idea in abortion. Which I also do not condone or condemn.

    Abortion that is another ugly topic to get into but in a way feel like it ties in with what I was talking about in terms of them changing the law and the legal age of when you could have sex and the age of the person with whom you want to have sex as well as keeping the population control down and keeping positive morale up.

    The government and world we live in controls things from the shadows playing both sides. Lets fill movies/music/T.V with sexual acts where we encourage them through thoughts that permeate their subconscious and fuel them with desires they maybe don't quite understand just yet.

    Lets encourage them through the passing out of condoms and setting up programs with abortion clinics and pills you can take to either get rid of the fetus or stop you from having a child all together.

    AND lets allow Hollywood to make movies that glorify sex between adults and young teens in the many various forms of pornography that is out there. Then lets beat these people down when they follow these urges they have.

    The system is a catch-22 in many ways and flawed upon flawed. It will always revolve around MONEY and CONTROL. It always has.

    One more thing to add before I finish up this extremely long comment.

    Our society is fickle and easily swayed by what is considered to be politically correct and or popular.
    If they changed the laws again and made 16 the legal age of consenting adults to have sex how long do you think before Hollywood and everyone jumps on that bandwagon and starts pushing the envelope?
    Not long at all I would stake my life on it! Now there will always be those oppose to such things but I am sure in doing so if that was ever to be done they would bring up how things used to be in the old days of times past.

    Parents and all sorts of people would throw a fit for a good while and some would try to have It changed back for sure. But there will be SO MANY that would be in full support of the change. Saying 16 is the new 18 and I could go down the list of the pros and cons people would toss out. But the point was people and adapt and change with whatever is considered acceptable and or popular and who are the people that make such things acceptable?

    The people that control the world...

    I might have deviated in my comment quite a bit and for that I apologize, but I like this poem for exactly what it is and appreciate you taking the time to write about such things. Wish more people would. Allan (Report) Reply

  • Anthony Di''anno (7/15/2014 2:48:00 AM)

    Sorry Daniel,

    I thought you were being precious about poetry, when in fact I was being sensitive to criticism. I rarely get to spend time online and when I do it is snatched out of a spare ten or fifteen minutes. Combine that with connection difficulties and disapearing comments and it's a recipe for ill thought out responses. Please accept my apologies. (Report) Reply

  • Daniel Brick (7/13/2014 10:42:00 PM)

    I agree 100% that nothing is worse than inflicting suffering on a child and stealing a child's precious innocence. My comment was an afterthought and like so many afterthoughts it was improperly phrased. There is a part of me that still considers our true home the Garden at the Beginning of Time, a Paradise of Beauty without pain and suffering. But such notions can quickly cloud our judgment about the evils that MUST be dealt with here and now. And protecting the babies, as my sister puts it, is our first duty. (Report) Reply

  • Anthony Di''anno (7/13/2014 3:08:00 PM)

    Ah that may be Daniel, however I find the destruction of a child's beauty and innocence far sadder. (Report) Reply

  • Daniel Brick (7/13/2014 2:01:00 PM)

    This poem was driven by righteous anger but that most intense of emotions does not swamp the poem. It is still a formal patterned sonnet, which means each of your carefully composed lines has to read with care to see how it fits the argument. No racing through this kind of thought process. References to royalty are always exotic to an American's eyes, but the royal institution gives you as a concerned citizen a clear focus for protest. In one sense, I'm saddened that your gift for the sonnets is diverted from beauty to societal hypocrisy. So it goes. (Report) Reply

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