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Continue The Story - Poem by AaI Harvey

Continue the story

I must prepare you my Queen for my death one day;
They will shoot me down for the truths I say.
They will take my life and call me a blasphemer;
When all I wished to do was give hope to the dreamers.
The lost innocence and the child inside you;
The other love of my life. You must see them through.

You must tell them who I was, if I am not around;
For if I am not by your side, then I am gone to the ground.
But you must spread my message of peace, love and empathy;
For the world is in desperate need of something like me.

The world is screaming out, help us God, Satan is here!
So I bring you this message from over sea’s my Dear.
I shall die before you do, but you must continue the word;
For it cannot be allowed to end, for it is needed by this world.
It is essential you continue to write, even when I am gone;
For in your heart I have found my Mary; my shining sun.

You are the light that will preach my teachings,
For your heart is as big as mine; I am The King of Kings.
You are the Queen of all Queens
And your place in Heaven is reserved;
God is on the left, then you, then me, then our girl
And our boy; our kids, our future generation.
For they will keep you alive, when I am destroyed in your nation.
But the nation of The Disciples of Earth is immortal;
As is my love for my Goddess, my Queen, for she is faithful.

You must write! You must continue your life!
For in Heaven I shall be awaiting you, until you walk into the light.
I am Jesus Christ personified and I am here to preach;
To even those I know, can never be reached.
For I am holier than holy, I am the way, my love
And in your heart I see my eternal light, shining from above.

You are my guiding star and the magnet to my future;
You drag this broken iron man, straight up out of the gutter.
You give me the hand I need and I roll you some green;
So we can both relax in each other’s arms for eternity.

You are salvation for the nation, the Mother of Love;
The one who will show the world my message,
Whilst smoking drugs.
It’s time for a little quote from God, my muse…
“I have given you all the seed bearing plants and herbs, to use.”

Humanity is in decline and now is the right time;
For the brightest of lights, to shine, shine, shine!
I don’t mean me, I mean you my Queen;
For your heart is my eternal love; my everything.

You are Mary in chains tied down to the bed;
Awaiting me, her love, to give her some more head.
You are sexy as Hell! Lol; sorry Pops.
But this girl will always make me want to get my rocks off!
Get my socks off! Get my every piece of clothing off.
For this fine woman is divine, she is so damn hot!
She is all I ever needed, apart from a jay of weed;
For it illuminates my eyes and allows me to see.

So Mary Amy Amity Jane I love you girl forever…
Please continue the teachings of the Disciples of Earth…
You are always in my heart, so we shall always be together.
For you are my Woman, my Love…my Girl.

(C) 2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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