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Copy Cat Black - Poem by Jessica Holter

Copy cat, Copy cat
Where is your backbone?
White man’s systems’
Got no, African rhythm
That’s why you can’t catch the beat
It’s like that standardized test
You keep fighting to change
Kind of strange don’t you think?
No matter our feat
We still call the ghetto our home....

Say Black, Why you biting that
Pale face, Ofay, Caucazoid, Whitey...
Could it be, you want something he’s got?
I’m going to tell you a secret
He doesn’t mind if I leak it
Cause he figures a genius you’re not
While you obsessing over all his blessings
He going about his merry way
Planning for the day he can get his 10 percent
Up off this planet he done ruined
I tell you the only time he thinks about me and mine
Is to cast some fear around election time
Survival is his master plan
Got to keep the black man
From tainting the skin of his select 10

But that’s not the secret; you all know that
Listen carefully now to what I’m trying to tell you Black
You got to stop half-assing or you’ll catch hell’s sorrow
If you’re going to dance with the devil
in the pail moonlight
You gotta know the sun will be up tomorrow

Copy Cat, Copy Cat
Check out the scene
Poverty, envy, jealousy, the love of money
Done turned you from black to green
It’s the Jedi mind trick in full effect
Your head hurts so I’m a chop you in the neck
You better stop your belly aching and look around
Black man get a plan ‘cause its going down
Now you may get angry ’bout what I’m gonna say
But the ships for outer space, are fueling up, bound for some no Black Man place
And just whatcho Black behind
gon’ do without the white man anyway

Now that I’ve gotten your attention
I’d like to mention a few items that
Keep us confused, because without government jobs,
Prisons, welfare, Hollywood and German cars
It might be kind of hard
to live the lives we’ve come to lead

Oh, I say to you today you don’t have to love
One another just love yourselves truly,
and every one of us can succeed
At conquering our demon and
I don’t mean Whitey
I’m talking ‘bout that green sucker called GREED

Bare wit me now because Miss Punany feels like having church this evening
Awe! Don’t get me wrong, ain’t nothing’ wrong
with wanting things
But you got to be willing to work for the things you want:

We want a job but we don’t want to work...
We want to have friends
but we don’t want to be a friend to others
We want to be served but we don’t want to serve others
We want to be kept but we don’t want to keep others
We want to be helped but we don’t want to help anybody
We want to be loved but we don’t want to love others
We want respect but we don’t want to give it
Want to call ourselves NIGGAHS
but can’t nobody else call us that
We want a recording contract
but we don’t want to go on tour
We want to be rappers without kicking knowledge
We want to be musicians and can’t play an instrument
We want education without going to college
We want attitude without aptitude
We want solitude in company
We want unity without community
We want pleasure without pleasing
We want foreplay without teasing
We want sex without foreplay
We want family without marriage
We want a home without responsibility
We want children without pain
We want to be mothers without mothering
We want loving’... Without loving
Brother’s want babies but they can’t afford them
We want Black businesses but we don’t support them
We want to keep up with the Jone’s
but we don’t even know them
Ladies want to be paid for sex but they ain’t in prostitution
We want conflict without resolution
We want restitution and can’t even spell it
We want forty acres and can’t even harness a mule
We want to go back to Africa
and don’t even have ferry toll
We want a Black President and don’t even go to the polls
We want to be African-American without being American
We want to stop the violence without turning in our guns
We want civilization without being civil
We want to murder but we ain’t ready to die
We want power without honor
We want pleasure without pain
We want demonstrations without altercations
We want freedom without independence
I’ll say it again Welfare Recipients...
We want freedom without independence
We want hope without belief
We want to call ourselves Muslim
...Never stepped foot in a Mosque
We want to call ourselves Christian
Going to church on Easter Sunday
We want Buda without self-reflection
We want peace without surrender
We want Christianity without Christ
We want joy without Jesus
We want Glory without God!

Copy Cat! Copy Cat!
Get a plan

Jessica Holter
Writing as Ghetto Girl Blue

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, July 1, 2008

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