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Fred W - Poem by AaI Harvey

Fred W.

Dial 999, we need a 187,
Because the 666 ain’t showing you no redemption.
Since the beginning of time, since 1 past midnight,
The devil created our hell full of torturous sights.
4 when they finally end your life and the life of your wife;
You were both condemned to suffer side by side.

Burning in Hades eternal fires, without your wife by your side,
You’re her punished companion, in the endless afterlife.
4 she too is guilty, but she's not yet with you in Hell,
As she has not yet suffered enough in our man made jail.

She would not do the decent thing and hang herself,
But this does not mean your decent, just pure evil.
How could you do the first one and still live with yourself?
How could the two of you live in that house with the corpses?
Dead bodies under your feet, did any of them get in the way?
Of the next one you buried, on top of her final resting place.

And did you ever just pause and think what have we done?
I must put an end to this and leave this woman.
She's as evil as I am and I'm crazy personified?
Who knows what will happen next,
Will I be killed by my wife?
Or will I kill her, yeah that might be fun,
But you know I'd use a sharp razor,
There's no feeling with a gun.

You took the lives of innocent people in their prime;
So why didn't your punishment match your crime.
Why didn't the victims families get to cut out your eyes?
Why were they not allowed to be there when you died?

You died too easy;
You should have suffered like your victims,
We never got to hear you scream.
You should have been tortured first,
Before they put you against the wall,
Maybe they should have, cut off your balls.
Then shot you live on T.V.
To appease the nation and let us grieve.

When they hear you scream in Hell and see the fear in your eyes,
Only then, can the punishment match the crime.
For we see through your lies, for your eyes are cold and empty,
You should have left your basement the same way; you should never have started digging.

(C) 2006 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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